Christine Russo

Christine Russo
Christine Russo
Christine Russo, founder of the Retail Creative and Consulting Agency known as RCCA, is a Leading Analyst, Moderator, and Advisory Board member specializing in retail and global retail tech including metaverse, brands, fashion, startups, global retail for Brands, Retailers, Academics, Consultants, Media, Journalism, Tech Founders, Urbanists, Developers, Real Estate. As the creator of the What Just Happened Video podcast; she hosts deep-dive discussions, executive Interviews and roundtables with Executives and CEOs. Under the banner "Learn With Me", What Just Happened enables technology companies to tell their stories; Russo provides clarity and context for the C-suite and more. Russo is Founder and Principal of RCCA a Retail Technology B2B communications consultancy, sales and marketing agency.

Russo, a graduate of Cornell University during the days of DEVO, a prolific content creator and writer has made her way to RCCA via Global Development for Leading Retail Brands and Deloitte.

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January 17
1:15 pm1:45 pm
Javits North Level 4, Elastic Path Stage

In a time when we are told to “go to where the consumer is”  retailers and brands are challenged to keep up with the consumer – they keep moving (and hiding!). These giants of Connecting with Consumers unequivocally know where they are and even know where they are going, including Web 3.0. So what does that mean for brands and retailers? Well, it’s time to close the loop and connect the dots… Read more