Session Topics

Retail’s Big Show is where
big ideas are born

Retail's Big Show brings together top minds on critical topics, providing insights and perspectives to set you up for success. NRF 2024 sessions span across three days and are designed to inspire as well as instruct. They feature retail industry leaders from a variety of roles, partner companies and more.

Value that matters

How businesses can add value for themselves and their audiences

  • New space, who dis?: How retailers are transforming their physical footprint to accommodate an evolving market
  • The retailer remodel: The permanency of ever-changing shop-in-shops
  • I got Huddy on speed dial: Managing a creator network just like your paid media
  • The kids are calling the shots: How social media managers became the new CMOs
  • Cashing in on community: Monetizing discord with premium offerings
  • Oh, the humanity … is gone: The brand dangers of prioritizing cost over people
  • All aboard!: How intentional onboarding and offboarding can save your brand
  • Searching for more: How AI-enabled search and language models will change the way we shop
  • Deeper learning: How machine and deep learning algorithms can keep the lights on brighter
  • Algorithmic malls: The future of discovery-based shopping
Session at Big Show
Big Show session
Products & experiences that matter

How businesses are building unique offerings for their customers

  • Throwing it back: Creating and curating products that complement old ones
  • Straight to the core: Catering to a generation whose style is built upon unlimited access to every (sub)culture
  • Level one: Engaging with Gen A’s love for gaming
  • Build me the moon: Embracing the open-sourced gaming future
  • Beyond gaming: How Twitch has changed our social habits
  • Spillin’ the masculini-tea: The evolution of gender-neutral and male-centric makeup and fashion
  • There’s no cryin’ in cryo: The rise of wellness experiences
  • Let’s get phygital: The rise of personalized at-home fitness and wellness products
  • The museum of Retailtainment: How to create a shopping wonderland that stands the test of time
  • The marvels of a brand: How the “cinematic universe” model is extending itself into every industry
Operations that matter

How to revamp business operations in an ever-changing landscape

  • Buzzword basics: Understanding the word “metaverse” and its place within the tech hype cycle
  • Can you see what I see? (No, you can’t.): How AR products will shift retail’s next decade
  • Servin’ up SCaaS: How supply chain as a service could elevate your business
  • It’s not 1911 anymore: How human rights-centered supply chains have become a consumer requirement
  • Look ma, no hands!: How autonomous vehicles will change your operations and create new revenue streams
  • There’s electricity between us: Developing retail’s role in an all-electric transportation future
  • Rothko could never: Producing creative assets in an age of AI
  • A-I-can-do-it: Exploring AI’s augmentation of traditionally strategic jobs
Session at Big Show
Big Show
Talent that matters

Taking a look at how to improve the talent experience

  • Taking care of the people: Leading with empathy during uncertain times
  • People are the product: Avoiding tech obsolescence by hiring smart and building a culture of upskilling
  • Giggidy giggidy: Exploring the gig-ification of traditionally full-time roles
  • Thursday, I’m in love: Debating whether the 4-day work week works for corporate retail
  • A people’s history of quiet quitting: Why encouraging employee side hustles and entrepreneurship is good for your business
  • For whose benefit?: Why workplace benefits need a complete renovation to work across generations
  • Tell the internet your secrets: Managing a generation that puts everything online
  • So … your country or mine?: Building culture in a distributed workforce
  • Let’s get engaged: Retaining and engaging employees through needs-based incentives
Business models that matter

How businesses are augmenting revenue models today

  • The friend of my friend is also my friend: Turning native operations into a goldmine for peers and competitors
  • More than the goods: Building a successful retail media network
  • Going sober: Why your brand might not need an always-on, organic social media presence
  • Omnichannel omnipresence: Beyond D2C versus traditional retail
  • I will save the Earth if the law tells me to: Preparing for changes in sustainability policy
  • I love your pre-loved stuff!: Predicting the future of secondhand markets
  • Come together: How brands, retailers, suppliers and others must work together to build a more sustainable economy
Big Show session
Big Show session
Purpose that matters

Building greater purpose in the world we operate in

  • You spin me right round: How circular business models lower costs and drive profits (repair, recycle, designed for disassembly, reusable packaging)
  • Unearthing growth: Tying together sustainability and financial goals
  • Alternating materials: The rise of alternative leathers, plastics and other materials
  • Drawing a blurred line: Staying ethical while collecting data
  • Focusing on the DEI in AI: Ensuring AI training tools are representative of our community
  • Where have attention spans …: Building workplace routines that help people focus
  • Don’t be so spineless: Helping employees take care of their bodies with the right exercise and gear
  • The people must know: Building a culture where employees want to post about work
  • I took my words right out of your mouth: The benefits of LinkedIn ghostwriters for business leaders
  • Keep in touch: Balancing your brand's responsiveness to cancel culture
  • Many Miles Morales: Betting big on up-and-coming artist partnerships
  • Sticking it to stigmas: Embracing perimenopause, death and other human truths that brands avoid