Session Topics

Inspiration that helps
you break through

Retail's Big Show brings together top minds on critical topics, providing insights and perspectives to set you up for success and set you apart. NRF 2023 sessions will span across three days and are designed to inspire as well as instruct, featuring leading retail industry leaders from a variety of retail roles, partner companies and more.

The NRF 2023 agenda is in the works! The following themes will guide our programming:

Breakthrough experiences

How to make a great impression with every experience

  • What brands can learn from the NFT art craze
  • How to participate in the explosion of virtual fashion
  • Ensuring the metaverse is as inclusive as possible
  • How mixed reality offerings can lower budgets and waste
  • Blurring the lines between shopping spaces and social clubs
  • Building retail opportunities directly into office spaces
  • Using in-store space to reduce waste and encourage reuse
Experiential retail

Breakthrough operations

How to keep up in a world that keeps changing

  • Building AI-centric inventory management
  • How to prepare for and protect against the increasing rise in cyberattacks
  • Finding innovative ways to ensure overseas manufacturing is ethical and harm-free
  • How blockchain technology can help protect you and your customers’ data
  • Creating external boards to give underrepresented voices input on key decisions
  • How to mobilize your ERG for real change
  • Building recommendation models for individual consumers with blockchain

Breakthrough growth

How to take the next step toward the next level

  • Balancing brand ambassadors in the age of absurdity
  • Exploring the future of brand voice — and brand safety
  • The explosion of livestream shopping
  • How Google Maps could be your secret superpower for sales
  • The on-demand evolution of convenience stores
  • Micro-fulfillment centers and the race for instant delivery
  • How the future of loyalty programs relies on partnerships
Big Show

Breakthrough talent

How to prove value to your most valuable asset

  • Preparing for a future of ever-increasing freelance staffing
  • How saying yes to individualized employee requests can help with retention
  • Finding the best ways to communicate in a remote world
  • The pros and cons of monitoring employees in a remote world
  • Instituting tangible processes that support employee mental health and well-being
  • Tying executive pay to DE&I goals
  • Understanding the CEO's role in speaking out politically

Breakthrough models

How to reinvent where you’re going by rethinking what you do

  • The basics of blockchain and how it applies to your business
  • Understanding the tech race for future domination and preparing to participate
  • What crypto means for your business
  • The meteoric rise of content-to-commerce
  • Participating in the resale and thrifting of your own goods
  • Why sustainable fashion might be a myth and what to do about it
  • How the hospitality industry is radically adapting
Business model
Company values

Purpose that breaks through

How laying a firm foundation can help you leap forward

  • What online fandoms can teach brands about building community
  • How activist brands rally customers by speaking their mind
  • Exploring the delta between what companies say and what they really do
  • Examining the ethics of corporate political donations
  • Supporting employee free speech on social media
  • The rise of identity-centric brands
  • Fighting hate by standing by your company values

Interested in speaking?

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