Sustainable Retail Workshop

Creating a profitable circular economy

Tuesday, Jan. 16 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Sustainability professionals have been talking about the circular economy for decades. Things are evolving rapidly now that consumers, investors and regulators are also talking about it. Retail executives need to understand how to evolve their businesses to thrive in this future economy.

This exclusive half-day workshop is limited to 120 senior executives and sustainable retail practitioners for a deep dive into critical aspects of the circular economy. Workshop participants will:

  • Categorize the multiple (sometimes competing) definitions for the circular economy
  • Discuss the future role of policy, including extended producer responsibility (EPR), supply chain traceability, and mandatory disclosure requirements
  • Explore best practices, profitable business models and common challenges for different retail verticals
  • Clarify which aspects of the circular economy your business can control, what you can only influence, and what you need to understand about what others are doing and how that affects your business
  • Identify the kinds of circular services retailers are relying on third parties to provide, including the growing resale retail sector
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Registration information

The Sustainable Retail Workshop has an additional fee of $275 for retail members or $375 for retail non-members. Qualified individuals will be offered the chance to attend this event during the registration process.

For additional information, please contact Scot Case, NRF's VP for Sustainability.

*This event is closed to Press.