Web Stories

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Deliver a mobile-first dynamic experience on your website with engaging Web Stories by Storyly.

Storyly provides websites with a lightweight and easy-to-integrate SDK, a creator studio with advanced capabilities, and an analytics dashboard to keep track of web Stories' performances.


Websites from various industries can benefit from Storyly Stories to;


- Actively engage with visitors/customers through a full-screen and familiar content experience (customized for mobile and desktop views)

- Drive retention through personalization

- Grow stickiness by creating a habit with gamified Stories

- Gather zero-party data for building contextual audiences through interactive stickers

- Deliver the relevant messages to the right people with advanced segmentation and targeting

- Repurpose existing content with embed code


Key Features

Immersive Desktop Experience

Swipe-ups, CTA Buttons, and Product Tags

Interactive Stickers


Content Automation

Image and Video Content

Embed Code