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Customers self-checkout at convenience and department store, cafes, delis, bakeries, and corporate cafeterias.

KIOSK Information Systems Contactless Checkout with AI

To see at the show visit booth 5919. People want control of their time and greater flexibility during checkout at retail convenience venues - that’s why UST and KIOSK are partnering to offer more streamlined purchases utilizing a computer vision self-checkout kiosk solution

Using Vision Checkout, customers can quickly self-checkout at convenience and department stores as well as cafes, delis, bakeries, and corporate cafeterias. Customers simply place their items on the self-checkout kiosk; items are identified via computer vision and displayed on the kiosk screen, followed by a touchless purchase process. For retail operators, Vision Checkout advances unattended automation at convenience venues providing both cost and operationally efficiencies - with accuracy and consumer safety at its core.   


  • Computer Vision (CV) technology: Items are scanned by CV and identified for POS processing
  • Touchless payment: Once items are chosen and checked out, guests can pay using QR code
  • Voice solution/mobile control: Assists with touchless transactions
  • Low footprint: Edge tuned AI engines detect objects with high accuracy under limited compute
  • Tray/weight scale: Holds items and enables calculation of quantity for weight-based items
  • Autonomous Training Box: Quick convergence networks that can work with Autonomous Training Box to onboard items at scale


Since 1993, KIOSK has led the industry in design and manufacturing of self-service solutions. We provide highly specialized experts to surround every aspect of the project, executing personalized customer deliverables in parallel.

In-house services encompass every aspect of customized solution design:

  • Hardware Enclosure Design
  • Software Application Design
  • Flexible Volume Manufacturing
  • ISO Certified Standards
  • Safety Agency Certifications
  • Complete Deployment Services
  • Advanced Field and Managed Services

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