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Install tablets near points of sale such as checkout, shelving and reception areas to trigger impulse buys and advertise promotions where it counts. Manage tablet content in real-time using our regular CrownTV dashboard.
Product detail: 

CrownTV’s tablet device is a compact, portable digital signage solution. Install new checkout, shelving, or reception areas to impact customers at the point of sale and trigger impulse buys.

Touchscreen interactivity allows customers to browse products, ask for help, or see the latest promotions, Solicit email addresses on-screen for list building and lead generation.

Built in Digital Signage

  • Broadcast the same content as you would on regular displays, manage from the same dashboard without having to connect your tablet to your CrownTV Player. 

Touch Interactivity

  • Customers can browse products right on the screen, and click on them for more information. 

  • Get stats on how many clicks each products receives, and see which is the most popular.
  • Export the data as a CSV file to create detailed reports. 

Barcode Scanning

  • Allow shoppers to scan barcode and see detailed product information on the tablet screen.
  • Easily input the text and photos into our template on the dashboard, and include any relevant promotions. 

Other features include: 

  • Facial recognition 
  • Email collection
  • Display product information