StorMagic SvSAN

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StorMagic SvSAN is a highly available two-node virtual SAN designed for hyperconverged edge and small datacenter sites.

StorMagic SvSAN is a virtual SAN solution that makes the complex world of virtualized storage simple. Based on software-defined storage, it eliminates the need for physical SANs, and creates highly available shared storage across just two or more nodes. SvSAN is ideal for edge and small datacenter environments, and can be deployed as part of a hyperconverged solution or as a storage-only target for any server environment. 


SvSAN is an incredibly simple, flexible, and cost-effective solution. From one site to thousands, administering SvSAN is truly effortless, thanks to centralized deployment and management. By converging compute and storage into a lightweight commodity server footprint, SvSAN dramatically lowers costs, with a complete two-node cluster coming in at less than $10k. SvSAN works with any x86 server, any CPU, and any storage combination, making it flexible enough to deliver on today’s performance needs and scale to meet tomorrow’s demands.