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An intelligent, low cost spill detection and monitoring system designed to reduce the amount of trips, slips, and falls caused by liquid spills.

Slips, trips and falls cost businesses over $11bn each year. Around half of these accidents are caused by spillage related incidents that result from avoidable human factors.

Using artificial intelligence built upon existing CCTV networks, SpillDetect provides the ideal solution to mitigate the risk of trips and slips. Protect your business now and negate liability cases with SpillDetect.

To see SpillDetect in action: https://youtu.be/m7vS64h8ZPk

Developed in partnership with Ocucon, SpillDetect software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Built upon existing CCTV networks it removes the need for any additional infrastructure, allowing for quick and easy installation along with rapid deployment for the detection of liquid spills. Businesses that adopt this state-of-the-art technology can therefore achieve fast and robust improvements in customer and occupational health & safety through proactively monitoring and sensing the most common cause of accidents, liquid spills.