shopreme vector

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The first Scan & Go optimized retail hardware is here: an interactive, modular, and customizable exit solution for the ultimate customer journey.

shopreme vector provides clarity for Scan & Go customers and employees while protecting your business against shrinkage. Our exit solution is compatible with all third-party gate providers and can be customized to match your brand.

Craft a clear, physical endpoint to the customer journey by funneling Scan & Go users through a dedicated exit with shopreme vector, providing clarity for customers and employees alike. Customers know where to safely leave the store, while employees can easily recognize Scan & Go users.

shopreme vector handles the checkout process. Scan & Go customers can pay in the app or directly at vector using an EFTPOS Payment Terminal with the optional Payment Kit mount. Offering card payment can help familiarize customers with Scan & Go by providing a known element during a new checkout process.

vector also helps protect your business against shrinkage, creating a psychological deterrent and physical barrier in the store. Advanced QR Code validation ensures each receipt is checked for timestamp, location, and validity before the checkout is completed and the optional gate opens.

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