shopreme matrix

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Say hello to shopreme matrix – the queue-busting SCO designed for consumers and built for retailers. With its sleek design and intuitive interface, matrix feels like the best app on your smartphone and lets you scan, bag, and pay for your items in a snap.

The shopreme matrix goes above and beyond in addressing the complexities and challenges commonly associated with traditional self-checkout systems. Developed with a focus on the customer journey, shopreme matrix is as intuitive as a modern smartphone application. Its user-friendly software and sophisticated hardware design guarantee a seamless, enjoyable experience for consumers, allowing them to navigate the self-checkout process smoothly.

The shopreme matrix is designed for seamless integration into the shopreme ecosystem. With a one-time integration, retailers can equip their stores with the shopreme matrix, shopreme Scan & Go, and shopreme vector exit terminals. This unified approach provides retailers valuable analytics, remote age-verification capabilities, a combination of software- and hardware-based loss prevention, and a dedicated Employee App for a comprehensive self-checkout experience. It also means that shoppers can opt for a hybrid journey – scanning items using their phone and paying by card at the kiosk.

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