Scale Management

Scale Management provides the ability to manage weigh scale devices and networks within grocery operations as well as send and retrieve scale specific data needed for successful fresh grocery operations where weigh scales are required.

Seamlessly manage and distribute item level data and efficiently manage regulatory and compliance information throughout your entire network of production scales, labelling equipment, and printers.

  • Reliable Data
    Achieve 100% price and data integrity across all weighing and labeling devices to reduce lost revenue.
  • Reduce Equipment Costs
    Drive and easily manage an open system, multi-vendor network of scales, weighing and labeling equipment to lower equipment costs.
  • Faster Repair Response Time
    Minimize scale down time and maximize data integrity to improve in-store employee and consumer satisfaction.
  • Reduce Theft
    Easily access and manage scale data remotely to prevent in-store price overrides on scales which helps to eliminate losses due to theft.