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RTI PowerCart

The next step to achieve ultimate efficiency is the RTI PowerCart. It allows associates to print at the point of need, while never leaving the sales floor. Don’t let rising minimum wages threaten your business. Reduce labor costs with an RTI PowerCart!
Product detail: 

Achieve Ultimate Efficiency in 2019 

Combat Rising Labor Costs!

As labor costs continue to rise, retailers are looking for more ways to drive costs out of their operations, without sacrificing customer service or employee satisfaction.  Printing shelf labels, shelf talkers, and signage in the aisle, at the point of need, will accomplish both of these tasks.  Printing in the aisle eliminates wasted steps, and keeps personnel on the floor, so they are available for customer service.

Retail associates around the world are wasting countless hours walking back and forth from the aisles to the back office to print signs and/or labels, with many distractions along the way that can result in costly mistakes or even accidents. The RTI PowerCart allows associates to print at the point of need, while never leaving the sales floor unattended.

Over time, inefficient printing procedures will cost retailers thousands of hours of lost productivity, and be the reason for countless mistakes. RTI will help you win the battle of inefficiency and take control of the rising cost of labor that threatens today’s retailers with the DESIGN-R-LABELS family of software and hardware.

N-AISLE PRINTING and the RTI POWERCART, combined with the advanced automation capabilities of DESIGN-R-LABELS allow retailers to increase productivity, reduce waste, and stimulate sales. In addition to improving customer service and employee satisfaction!