Product MDM

Acquire, manage and share trusted, accurate product data and content across the enterprise and value chain.

Sales are the lifeblood of every business.  This means products and services need to be effectively marketed and made available through a multitude of sales channels.  The key to providing the best possible product experiences is to provide consistent and accurate product content across all these touch points. 

For Product Managers working in retail, distribution, manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods - Product MDM addresses the complex data management needs associated with digital transformation and the efficient acquisition, management and sharing of product master data.

With Product MDM businesses can onboard, cleanse and enrich every aspect of product content, then synchronize it with the people, processes and systems that need it.  Product MDM allows organizations to establish corporate data governance, ensure product data quality and stewardship, speed and improve decision making, act confidently and accelerate product launches, all by leveraging a trusted source of product data.