Payments & Fraud

Detecting fraud is a balancing act that Radial does with a proven combination of machine learning, consortium data, and human intelligence to deliver the highest approval rates in the industry while guaranteeing zero fraud liability.

Radial offers flexible, modular options designed for your business. Whether you need to supplement an existing toolset, gain fraud control for high-risk orders, achieve complete fraud protection, or optimize your end-to-end payment, tax and fraud processes – Radial has you covered.

  • Radial Fraud Zero – A fully outsourced managed service, Radial Fraud Zero delivers industry-leading approval rates and zero fraud liability. Cutting-edge technology and our consortium data, combined with rigorous expert analysis for high-risk orders, let you achieve higher approval rates and revenues –  and deliver a frictionless customer experience. Plus, optional brand protection capabilities ensure your most important asset remains intact.
  • Radial Fraud Insight – This preauthorization solution supplements your existing fraud management tools with risk ratings on orders. A simple application program interface (API) to the Radial Fraud Zero platform evaluates transaction risk in real time to protect your revenues and your brand.
  • Radial Payments, Tax & Fraud – A fully outsourced solution, Radial Payments, Tax & Fraud optimizes your global payment processing, order tax calculation and fraud management. We guarantee payment capture and settlement, accurate tax calculation, and indemnification of fraud and returns chargebacks – with a single, simple reconciliation file for all payment types processed.