Omnichannel & Point of Sale

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Unify Physical and Digital Channels

Modern-day shoppers have so much choice when it comes to where they spend their money. Some prefer shopping in-store, others go at it online, many go through mobile apps or social media. Jesta’s omnichannel solutions blur the boundaries between your different sales channels to cultivate to a completely immersive shopping experience regardless of your customers’ preferred platforms. After all, connecting with customers is key to capturing shopper loyalty.

Jesta’s centralized omnichannel software features 360° visibility of your global inventory, cross-channel orders, customer profiles and individual store functionalities. Absolute transparency and real-time information translates into totally cohesive and personal shopping journeys no matter the channel. Consistency of all in-store and online pricing is another hallmark of our omni solutions.

Jesta’s powerful order management module, e-DOM, ensures that in-store and web orders are fulfilled from the most optimal location for fast deliveries. Customers can buy from anywhere, have their purchases delivered to their preferred location, and exchange, return or inquire about their orders effortlessly anywhere they want.

Seamless shopping journeys, fast deliveries, customer engagement that grows and grows.