Moments by Storyly

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Turn individual users into a long-lasting community with Moments by Storyly!

Moments by Storyly is the latest community engagement solution for mobile apps to empower and retain their communities by turning users into creators.


Moment by Storyly brings a unique and powerful social layer, enabling users to create and share full-screen Stories instantly in your app. These user-generated Stories become a space where users express themselves and interact with each other, driving greater engagement and retention.


With Moments by Storyly, you can;


- Build, grow or revitalize your in-app community

- Offer a visually social mobile experience

- Enable your users to capture media (image & video) and publish in the form of a Story

- Increase peer-to-peer social engagement

- Facilitate genuine social interactions with reactions

- Scale the content creation and consumption

- Moderate Stories with reporting and automated content flagging by Amazon Rekognition


Explore Moments by Storyly now and let your users create their own MOMENTS in your app!


Key Features

Story Camera

Flexible Story Visibility




Advanced Moderation

Analytics Dashboard