LiveShopper SDK

Plug the power of mobile research and customer insights into your app with LiveShopper SDK (Software Development Kit). Instantly deliver feedback to management, improving service and accountability all while increasing app engagement and retention.

LiveShopper SDK is a game-changing mobile technology that can easily be "plugged into" any existing app (both iOS and Android).  The SDK can be customized to the look and feel of the mobile app to make the user-experience seamless for the customer as they provide feedback and earn rewards.

Through geofencing technology, customers are crowdsourced in real-time to provide insights that are most important to each brand using this unique technology. Push notifications can also be delivered to the customers to ensure they are aware they have the opportunity to complete tasks and surveys.

Not only is LiveShopper SDK a unique and powerful customer insights and market research technology, but it also provides the added benefit of increasing cutomer loyalty and app engagment.  Rewards and incentives being offered to the customer are controled by each brand using the SDK.  It could loyalty points, a discount on their next purchase, or perhaps even a free product based on a specific purchase.  No matter which option is used, this type of control helps drive customers to their brand.

All data captured through LiveShopper SDK is delivered to our Dragon reporting dashboard.