Kiosk Dual Self-Order & Counter Self-Order Kiosk

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The Pyramid Passport and Flex countertop will be shown in 1602. Both units include assistive technology and one will be running JAWS by Vispero (in McDonalds configuration)

Here is a video preview of what Pyramid will have at NRF

Pyramid NRF Preview

with his space-saving design is everywhere the most compact and flexible: In hotels, offices and public buildings, this kiosk welcomes guests and handles the check-in process.

In retail shops, it manages the checkout. In food & beverage venues, it covers the entire ordering process including automated cash handling. In the entertainment industry, the kiosk supports as a ticket salesman, and in the healthcare sector it takes care of patients.

The ergonomic module placement reduces the user’s interaction area to an absolute minimum, so that the FLEX self-service kiosk can be operated intuitively by any age group, i.e. without lengthy searching and trial and error. And with its ADA compliance, it also opens up the world of self-services to limited users.

Award-winning design

Its rock solid chassis gives the FLEX the robustness it needs to survive the harsh conditions of everyday use unscathed: Liquids, dust and dirt are just as unlikely to harm it as high-frequency use in PEAK times. Quality made in Germany, which also looks very good and was honored for this with the European Product Design Award in 2020.

Thanks to its small dimensions and intelligent mounting concept, the FLEX kiosk fits effortlessly into any existing store concept: on a pedestal, mounted on the wall (wallmount) or as a countertop on the inventory.