Flex 60-SW

product image
Flex 60-SW is equipped with automatic weighing scales along with an interactive touch screen, revolutionizing picking accuracy in the warehouse.

Flex 60-SW ‘s automatic weighing scale integration is a game-changing solution that elevates the accuracy of picking workflows to unprecedented heights, streamlining operations and eliminating inaccuracies. Leveraging real-time weight measurements, warehouse staff can rely on the AMR to accurately identify and pick the correct items, significantly improving overall efficiency and reducing costly mistakes. The touch screen and accompanied software can be adapted to fit customer needs with informational visuals, bar codes, item quantities, etc. 

Flex 60-SW has a maximum payload capacity of 60 KG and supports on-board racks. Equipped with leading multi-sensor fusion technology, computer vision, SLAM navigation and 180-degree obstacle detection and avoidance, it effortlessly navigates complex environments.