Fashion Intelligence Tool (FIT)

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Stylumia's fashion intelligence tool is a unique fashion analytics solution, easy to use & very actionable, from designers to store managers.

Re-Invent Fashion BI

Existing retail and fashion analytics solutions use spreadsheets as the primary interaction method. Stylumia Fashion Intelligence Tool (FIT), uses computer vision and a simple, intuitive, & visual dashboard to analyze in-season and postseason performance.

Fashion Intelligence Tool forecasts each style's performance using AI and ML avoiding under-stock and over-stock situations.

Analyze trends and assortment gaps at the SKU level across different distribution channels. Create an ideal assortment for category, brand, sub-brand, class, & subclass. Measure actual sales revenue, margin performance, sell-through, rate of sale, etc using FIT retail analytics. Implement localized markdown strategies, re-order fast-sellers, replace sold-out styles with similar ones, redistribute or proactively promote slow movers.

FIT Analyzes historical sales data and combined with market intelligence, creates recommendations as part of buying brief for the coming season.