Contactless Fit™

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A virtual dressing room at your fingertips. Contactless Fit™ Contactless Fit™ —all without the need to step into a physical dressing room.

Contactless Fit™ is an in-store virtual fit solution that connects customers to their best size in their preferred fit—all without the need to step into a physical dressing room. Our proprietary technology easily integrates into your in-store experience to help shoppers find the right size without physical try-ons. In-store, a simple size recommendation isn’t enough, that’s why Contactless Fit™ goes a step further to replicate the fitting room experience, customers can try on one size, then another, compare, and pick what fits them best.

Contactless Fit™ works with your existing in-store technology from iPads to existing point-of-sale solutions, we work with what you have. Bold Metrics has also pioneered a stand-alone point-of-sale solution that brands can deploy to 10, 100, or 1,000 stores quickly and easily to make sure they are ready to provide customers with a best-in-class fit experience that is both safe, accurate and convenient.

We know the important role that in-store staff plays in the shopping experience and have ready-to-go playbooks to help your team easily integrate Contactless Fit™ into their existing sales strategy, no measuring tapes or photos required.

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