Consumer Intelligence Tool

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Consumer Intelligence Tool is the world's first AI-powered Fashion Trend Research platform enabling Fashion Trend Forecasting using Consumer Intelligence. Stylumia helps in optimizing Assortment Planning using AI-driven Fashion Analytics.

Demand-Driven Trends

Stylumia Consumer Intelligence Tool provides a consumer-driven local & Global fashion forecast and market fashion retail analytics, using data at internet scale covering brand, retail and runways, relevant for your brand using a proprietary AI-powered demand sensing algorithm, equivalent of millions of consumers’ market research of what they do, not what they say.

Traditionally, fashion forecast and market fashion retail analytics have been associated with expert opinion, in-stock data signals and subjective market research. Real consumer intelligence, however, lies in objectively knowing what will work and what wouldn’t for your consumers. At Stylumia, with consumer intelligence tool we bring in the new award-winning approach of sensing consumer demand by analysing voice of millions of consumers to define consumer likes and dislikes for the present and the future.


  • Laser-Sharp Fashion Forecast
  • Instant Validation Of Trends & Products
  • Enter New Categories With Confidence