Bolt One Click

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Bolt One Click creates the simplest and fastest checkout experience for your shoppers. Registration happens seamlessly during the checkout process and connects your shoppers to the Bolt Network.

Treat millions of checkout-ready shoppers like returning customers
Bolt enables shoppers to check out in one click across any site in the Bolt Network, making it easier than ever to get them through the "Buy" button in record time.

Value Creation for Merchants

  • Built for Speed and Conversion
    • Online stores ask new shoppers for the same personal data and payment information over and over again. With Bolt One Click, start treating all customers like return customers and see 38% faster completion times with 75% higher conversions on your one-click transactions.
  • Adoption = Opportunity
    • Nearly one-fifth of all Bolt retailer transactions are Bolt Network driven—and growing. Bolt One Click adoption rates create an instant connection with the most valuable customers in our network—turning potential customers into repeat shoppers.
  • Drive Repeat Business and Increased AOV
    • The perfect checkout should be unremarkable. Treat all shoppers like return shoppers and inspire loyalty through an easy, friction-free experience.
  • Extensible Architecture
    • By being payment and platform agnostic (BigCommerce, Adobe, SFCC, and custom carts), Bolt One Click meets you where you are, and supports all major card brands and alternative payment methods.