Apparel Insights™

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Apparel Insights™ builds on customer-driven data and enriches it with body data and product specifications to provide powerful insights across the business—from marketing, eCommerce, and product to design.

Leveraging years of machine learning and mathematical algorithm development, Bold Metrics offers detailed reporting and data insights with Apparel Insights™. By providing retailers and brands with more information about their customers than ever before, the Apparel Insights™ dashboard enables apparel companies to generate actionable insights that can make an impact from the customer experience upstream, to the garment specifications and drive critical optimizations at the supply chain level.

Our customizable Apparel Insights™ data analytic tools can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your brand, creating a powerful, scalable solution to address your customer’s fit experience. Be it to streamline the production process, cut down on raw material wastage, lessen the environmental footprint of unnecessary returns, and maximize allocative efficiency, the data-rich actionable insights help your brand optimize production right from the concept stage and provides accurate and insightful data to help your designers design better apparel.

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