Advanced Date Shopping (ADS) Add-On

The most advanced multi-carrier rate shopping tool on the market.

With customer expectations at an all-time high, 
meeting delivery dates is critical. Shippers are balancing multiple carriers, each with their own special conditions, and are then challenged to organize services and maintain accurate shipping information for each delivery.

ProShip offers 3 types of rate shopping: 

  • Basic Rate Shopping: Basic rate shopping is the simplest form of this service, providing the best shipping options while considering total cost and applicable service selection. 

  • Time-in-Transit Rate Shopping: Includes total cost but also filters by business days that the package would be in transit. 

  • Advanced Date Shopping (ADS)Includes planning for delivery by a target date, and takes into consideration detailed factors, such as:  

  • Customer day/hour of choice 

  • Label creation time 

  • Trailer pull time 

  • Carrier contracted days and more