011049 SIP Call Button

product image
The SIP Call Button is a reliable solution for a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement. It can be mounted under a desk, on a wall, or in a discrete location.

If an event takes place, the user depresses the button.  The 011049 SIP Call Button automatically makes a call to a pre-set phone or extension number.  When the called number answers, the Call Button plays and repeats a stored audio file. This audio file can be played via multicast to endpoints such as speakers with a message such as: "Customer Service needed in electronics". This stored audio file is uploaded by the administrator to meet the needs of the installed location. This versatile device can be used as a Customer Assistance button or can connect you to law enforcement during critical emergencies, while triggering a silent but visual alert via multicast to strobes. Available for indoor and outdoor environments, the SIP Call Button's features include:

  • Supports call-in recording for the button and SIP multicast messages
  • Single button call to pre-set number
  • User downloadable message up to 80 seconds
  • Continuous repeat of message
  • Door closure and tamper alert signal
  • Supports multiple user accounts, with distinct log in credentials
  • Compatible with Cisco Call Manager

  • DTMF-controlled Dry Relay Contact for auxiliary control
  • Call progress light
  • Supports Auxiliary RGB (Multi-Color) Strobe Kit for visual notification

  • TLS 1.2 and SRTP enhanced security for IP Endpoints in a local or cloud-based environment