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Sales and Management Training

3D Retail

Booth # 4981


 3D Retail Imaging by Virtual Tour Group Inc.

3D Retail provides 3D scanning of your store locations across USA/Canada/Europe for multiple uses.  A 3D virtual tour of your store with the ability for you to walkthrough as if you are physically there.  Use it as a platform to plan, review and archive your stores digitally.

Multimedia Plus, Inc.

Booth # 5178


Multimedia Plus (MMP) provides app-based communications for the frontline to improve performance. By combining our proprietary mobile-first technology with over 20 years of retail experience, MMP helps create faster, smarter, better associates who impact KPIs. The INCITE platform provides leading retailers with an easy drag and drop publishing tool and a low bandwidth way to deliver multimedia communications and video with NO streaming.  INCITE also provides real-time metrics for field leader visibility into participation to drive performance.

Nudge Rewards Inc

Booth # 3106


Nudge Rewards delivers a mobile solution designed to engage, educate and reward frontline managers and employees to improve team performance and increase profitability.

ThinkTime, A Productive Edge Company

Booth # 944


ThinkTime is the ultimate task management, store audit, communications and help ticketing platform on the market today.  We help retailers all over the world drive productivity and increase associate engagement at all levels of their organization.

Delivered through cloud-based native mobile and web responsive interfaces, ThinkTime is the most intuitive and easy to deploy tool of its kind.  Each associate's personalized experience focuses them on what really matters for their role and location.