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Marketing Research

Beijing Counect International Technology Co. Ltd.

Booth # 1504


Welcome to Counect booth 1504. We provide you data solutions

Beijing Counect International Technology Ltd., a technology-innovative company focused on retail integrated formats, provides clients with total solutions for sales data collection and smart analytics services. With a comprehensive understanding of Internet data technology and in-depth research on traditional shopping center users, the founding team evaluates the feasibility of technology and taps the needs of users, and is committed to connecting advanced Internet data technologies and intelligent information needs of shopping centers. 

Chatter Research

Booth # 7140


Chatter Research provides AI-powered surveys over text-message and voice assistant to deliver real-time insights into your customers' experience. With 8x more responses and a 94% completion rate, we help brands like the NBA Store, Chase, and LUSH make data-driven decisions faster than ever before.


Global Licensing Group

Booth # 226


Let's discuss the unique opportunities licensing provides.

Global retail sales of licensed goods grew to $271.6B in 2017, a 3.3% increase year-over-year. Licensing has offered retailers a competitive advantage in the ever-changing retail landscape. Learn how licensing can drive reatilers new business and unique offers through exclusives, collaborations and direct-to-retail partnerships. Stop by our booth or Lounge in the Crystal Place with our partners Sesame Street and Build-A-Bear - showcasing their licensed merchandise.


Booth # 743


LiveShopper is disrupting the retail and restaurant industries with a "next generation" platform that can be used to replace antiquated methods of in-store research, such as mystery shopping, guest intercepts, and surveys for less than half the costs.  Our app-based, DIY solution, is designed to crowdsource real customers as they go through their shopping/dining journey to collect valuable insights.  You can use our app independently, or we offer an app "plug-in" option that would allow any company to connect our technology to their existing app.  LiveShopper is a legacy from a previous firm c


Booth # 7046


ShopAdvizor is the first collaborative community for the consumer goods industry. A digital and physical ecosystem that interconnects people, retailers and brands’ needs. Conformed by a 45 people multicultural team with strong expertise in retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. ShopAdvizor integrates sales development, market research and marketing content solutions for more than 1,000 companies.


Booth # 3301


TokyWoky is the first solution that helps brands and retailers build a customer community on their websites. The community answers shoppers’ questions and creates content to continuously drive sales and improve customer experience.

According to the ECHO research center, online retailers lose between 12-15% of online sales because shoppers can’t find the help or the content they need on site.