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Learning Platforms and Systems


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Bigtincan is the Sales Enablement Automation Company. We empower retailers to empower their sales associates and service people to grow customer engagements into long term valued relationships. Our software is purpose-built to create digital experiences, personalized to individuals with intelligent recommendations custom tailored for global brands. Companies use our products for content management, skills training & coaching, document automation, and internal communications and chat.


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LumApps is a social and collaborative employee communication platform designed to connect, inform, and engage employees. This innovative digital workplace equips organizations to break down silos and streamline internal communication. Fully integrated with your productivity suite, LumApps simplifies access to all corporate content, business apps, and social features - in one place, and from any device.

Multimedia Plus, Inc.

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Multimedia Plus (MMP) provides app-based communications for the frontline to improve performance. By combining our proprietary mobile-first technology with over 20 years of retail experience, MMP helps create faster, smarter, better associates who impact KPIs. The INCITE platform provides leading retailers with an easy drag and drop publishing tool and a low bandwidth way to deliver multimedia communications and video with NO streaming.  INCITE also provides real-time metrics for field leader visibility into participation to drive performance.

Nudge Rewards Inc

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Nudge Rewards delivers a mobile solution designed to engage, educate and reward frontline managers and employees to improve team performance and increase profitability.


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How can you be sure your training investment "sticks" with your learners?

OttoLearn® Agile Microlearning is your award-winning solution to improving training retention. Deliver chunked training to your front-line and other team members, paired iwth Knowledge Cards for on-demand performance support. OttoLearn will continuously modify the training plan to adapt to the performance of each individual learner - delivering 2 minutes of training per day to boost retention and fill knowledge gaps. 


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The WorkJam Digital Workplace unleashes the potential of your enterprise workforce through agile scheduling, transformative communication, experiential learning, and tailored recognition.