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Electronic Shelf Labeling

Altierre Corp

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Electronic Shelf Labels - enable assocs. to engage customers
Many Retailers and their Brand Partners make significant investments in marketing efforts to drive shoppers to the store or promote specific items once they arrive.

AWM Smart Shelf

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AWM Smart Shelf is the comprehensive solution that will power the digital retail transformation. AWM does this by reducing waste and carbon footprint, providing new revenue via on-shelf ad sales, improving operational efficiencies, and boosting margin and product sold.


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CrownTV is a visual communications technology company giving businesses the power to broadcast interactive, dynamic, customized content on digital displays. Our digital signage solutions enable businesses to attract attention, engage audiences, increase their bottom line, build brand awareness and enhance internal communications.


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The DIGI/TERAOKA Group offers innovative products, solutions, and services for the retail, food industry, logistics, and hospitality industries. With “DIGI” as the global brand name, the group leads in the global retail business market by offering and supporting products tailored to a wide range of retailers, from specialty stores and supermarkets to hypermarkets.

Displaydata Ltd.

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Displaydata is the leader in the design and supply of fully graphic electronic shelf labels (ESLs). We were first to market with three-color ESLs and continue to lead this category, having shipped millions of labels. We work in close partnership with many of the world’s largest retail brands and have operations in the U.S., Europe, LATAM, and Asia. We help retailers optimize revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf-edge, where most purchasing decisions are made.

Lexmark International

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You have a vision for your business. It might be to drive greater efficiency in your stores, publish beautiful signage throughout your enterprise, or free yourself from time-consuming IT tasks. Whatever it is, we’re in the business of helping you bring it to life. Because, when it comes to when, where and how you print, you need more than just another vendor. You need a true partner; one with decades of retail expertise and the drive to help you do what you do best.

Opticon, Inc.

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Since 1976, Opticon has been providing the retail industry with a wide range of affordable and reliable barcode scanning solutions including point-of-sale scanners, mobile computers and pocket-sized Bluetooth scanners. Featuring innovative design and engineering from the ground up, Opticon’s solutions offer advances in performance without sacrificing quality.

Perch Interactive

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We unite physical products with interactive digital content.

Perch is the leader in interactive physical & digital retail displays that can detect what products customers are touching, picking up or putting down & respond with dynamic digital content.


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Pricer is the most reliable company in the world manufacturing Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL), also called Digital Price Tags.

SFD Systems LTD

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Come see the latest innovations in SFD's Digital Shelf Edge!

SFD Systems has developed the world’s most advanced digital shelf edge solution with a mission to fully digitise retail store operations:  Our video-ESLs use full-colour, high resolution LCD screens and enable retailers and brands to play adverts at shelf edge as well as displaying digital pricing and promotional information.