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Electronic Shelf Labeling

Altierre Corp

Booth # 1135


Altierre Corp. empowers retailers to excel in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) era. The company’s proprietary bi-directional “hopping” technology provides unlimited scalability and operates seamlessly in the store regardless of line-of-sight and Wi-Fi or channel frequency interference issues that hinder many solutions.

Brother Mobile Solutions

Booth # 709


That’s our theme at NRF 2018 ‒ and we totally mean it.  Sharing space in Booth #709, Brother Mobile and Brother International will showcase and demonstrate the most comprehensive range of retail printing products ever.  Whatever your printing needs and budget, you’re sure to find mobile, desktop and office printing solutions to fulfill every need across retail enterprises of every type and size.  With our strong presence and long history in the industry, Brother wide array of print, scan and labeling technologies include the very latest easy-to-use, smart mobile printing solutions for in-st

Data Display Systems, LLC

Booth # 1258


Founded in 1968, Data Display Systems, LLC maintains manufacturing and engeineering teams at our headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We engineer and deliver custom video, audio, lighting and interactive solutions for companies who want to captivate and engage customers.  Our world-class engineers and programmers build systems from the most comprehensive portfolio in the industy, catering to every client's specific audience.  Our entier company is built around the needs of our clients.  At our core, we beleive that well-established personal relationships are just as important as well-e


Booth # 4067


The DIGI/TERAOKA Group offers innovative products, solutions, and services for the retail, food industry, logistics, and hospitality industries, including retail scale printers, POS and scale POS systems, weigh-wrap labelers, high speed indexers, and picking & sorting systems.

Ontime I.T. Co., Ltd.

Booth # 212


ONTIME is a world leading manufacturer of smart retail solutions. At the Big Show we will showcase RFID applications, electronic shelf labels, security display solutions and smart promotion systems. ONTIME solutions improve services, customers experience, simplify the store management, low the labor cost, helps to gather valuable information from customers preferences and habits, etc.

Opticon, Inc.

Booth # 4427


Since 1976, Opticon has been providing the retail industry with a wide range of affordable and reliable barcode scanning solutions including point-of-sale scanners, mobile computers and pocket-sized Bluetooth scanners. Featuring innovative design and engineering from the ground up, Opticon’s solutions offer advances in performance without sacrificing quality.

SFD Systems LTD

Booth # 943


SFD Systems has developed the world's most advanced digital shelf edge solution.  The platform uses full colour, video-capable LCD screens to enable retailers and brands to play adverts at the shelf edge as well as display digital pricing and promotional information.  Its core benefits include operational efficiencies and improved pricing accuracy, but most importantly it helps create in-store theatre:  Retailers and brands can now capture customers' attention and engage with them at the shelf edge to drive up sales.

Smart Supervision System, Limited Liability Company

Booth # 1048


SmaSS is the effective solution to analyze a client flow.

SmaSS can tell you almost everything that you need to know about your customers.

  • Do you know how many regular clients do you have?
  • Who are they?
  • What is their age?
  • Male/Female?
  • What does interests they have?

We do not assume or guess the interests of people for "probably" their browsing behavior or their shopping.

At a time when competition is becoming stronger, you need to know more about your customers, and not to assume, as many do.

TSI, a div. of NewBold

Booth # 1203


Total Systems Integration (TSI) is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing with POS systems and other in-store retail technologies. We provide consulting, staging, deployment, training, maintenance, and operate a multi-lingual call center and help desk. TSI’s clientele includes well-known national and international specialty retailers, and we manage projects throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. We are authorized commercial business partners for Toshiba and NCR.

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