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Application Service Providers (ASPs)

Aurus, Inc.

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Aurus is a global leader in providing secure, simple and seamless unified commerce payments for leading merchants around the world. Aurus has developed AurusPay®, a single platform to help your company manage the payments transformation across all multi-channel payment points. The platform is a 5th generation EMV semi-integrated payment platform designed to seamlessly integrate with a merchant’s POS, e-commerce portal, order management systems and mobile applications.

AurusPay® platform's features include:

Every Store Perfect

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You only have two business levers to pull to impact the perfect shopper experience: your physical selling environment and your associates' behavior. Get them both right and you'll easily increase traffic, conversions, basket size, and margin. Get them both wrong, and your customers will keep increasing the share of their wallet to online buying sites.

Every Store Perfect provides a cloud based platform that accelerates and strengthens your ability to move both levers infinitely closer to perfection:


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Nokia creates the technology to connect the world, powered by the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Labs.

As enterprise data-rich traffic and applications in retail industry rise and the performance expectations grow, small cells are becoming an effective way to provide coverage and capacity indoors and outdoors, in the public retail space, individual store locations and warehouses.  Nokia has been a vendor of choice for small cell connectivity for many years and has an award-winning portfolio of small cell solutions to serve all use cases. 

Rackspace US, Inc.

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Rackspace is the world’s #1 provider of IT as a service in today’s multi-cloud world. It delivers expert advice and integrated managed services across public and private clouds, managed hosting, and enterprise applications. Rackspace partners with every leading technology provider, including Alibaba, AWS, Google, Microsoft, OpenStack, Oracle, SAP, and VMware. The company is therefore uniquely positioned to provide unbiased advice on which technologies will best serve each customer’s needs.


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Optimize your Supply Chain Management Forecasting with our AI technology.

As pionner & innovator in Supply Chain Management Forecasting with our Artificial Intelligence technology, Vekia provides world-class research, top-notch forecasts models.

Vekia increases the Forecasting Demand Accuracy in a complex Supply Chain organization up to 97% and we guarantee 5-10% productivity gains.

97% Demand Forecasting Success

Allow us to collaborate with you on your sales and stock forecasts.

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