Transitioning from Digital Agencies | Retail Insights at NRF 2024!

Retail Insights, is your preferred System Integrator Partner for AI-driven commerce. We specialize in tackling complex challenges, seamlessly orchestrating data, e-commerce, actionable insights, and autonomous workflows through a unified commerce strategy, enabling us to create context-specific customer experiences and drive upselling.


Our areas of expertise include


Headless & PWA Implementations || Performance Enhancements || Enterprise Architecture Strategy || Security & Compliance || Omnichannel || Proactive Monitoring || Customer Segmentation || Conversion Rate Optimization


ETL || Data Ingestion || Data Pipelines || Machine Learning || Predictive Analytics || Deep Learning || Computer Vision || Generative AI || MLOps (Machine Learning Operations)


Out-of-Stock Management  || Commerce Data Platform || Data Lake Integration from Disparate Data Sources || Commerce-Unifying Stack || Super App || Journey Optimiser || Digital Shelf Master || B2B Marketplace  || Retail AI analytics || Trade Promotions


Salesforce Commerce || Adobe (Magento) || Blueyonder ||  Shopify Plus || Vtex || Fluent Commerce || Kantar || Azure Data Factory || Google Cloud Platform


Budget-friendly alternatives, Nearshore (India, Dubai, USA, UK), plug-and-play applications.

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