Ownership of “One-Tap Grocery Ordering” by Bringing the Store to Consumers Instead of Delivering Items from a Store is Revolutionizing the Industry

Delivering the Store in as Little as Two Minutes, Robomart Offers the World’s Fastest and Most Convenient Shopping Experience

LOS ANGELES – Jan. 16, 2022 – Robomart announced today that the company has been issued a patent (No. 11227270) for its innovative one-tap store-hailing and seamless checkout-free technology. The company, which is the world’s first store-hailing service, is revolutionizing the retail industry by delivering the fastest and most convenient shopping experience to consumers through its fleet of on-demand mobile stores. The patent will be published by USPTO on January 18.

Robomart has experienced tremendous growth and success since its consumer launch in June 2021, including recording its fastest end-to-end experience, from the time a consumer opens the app to the time they have goods in hand, at under two minutes. The average time from a consumer hailing a Robomart to completion of sale is nine minutes. Active users of Robomart, on average, hail a Robomart to their location 2.3 times a week. As the company increases market share, it has recorded 9% user growth and 10% order growth per week.

Founded in 2017, Robomart conceptualized, created and put into operation the world’s first store-hailing platform. This new approach is revolutionizing the retail industry by delivering the store to consumers, instead of delivering only specific items from a brick-and-mortar store. With a one-tap ordering process, consumers hail a Robomart to their location using the proprietary app. When it arrives, the user swipes across the app to open the door to the vehicle. Robomart’s RFID-based checkout-free system allows consumers to handpick their selected products and simply walk away – without physically checking out and paying.

Delivering the entire store cuts out the need for consumers to shop on a website, put things into a basket, check out with a credit card, select a delivery window of usually between 1-4 hours and possibly communicate with third-party shoppers and delivery drivers. Often the items delivered are not correct, or fruits and vegetables are not ripe, overly ripe or damaged when received. With Robomart, none of these issues exist. 

Robomart cuts out time otherwise needed for order selection and fulfillment, providing a completely seamless and speedy experience controlled by the consumer from end to end. As a result of these innovations, Robomart provides a shopping experience exponentially faster than any other delivery service, including Instacart and Gopuff, while also resolving common frustrations.

“We’re thrilled to receive this patent as it underscores the uniqueness of the innovative technology we developed and provides further credibility for how we are revolutionizing the way consumers shop,” said Ali Ahmed, Robomart CEO and co-founder. “We know this was a difficult patent to obtain, and that makes this win even more exciting for us. We look forward to leveraging the patent to help us continue growing our footprint across the country and significantly increasing our market share and value.”

“Most startups would be overjoyed to receive a patent that protects an entire industry segment, as opposed to a novel idea or approach. So, I know Robomart is extremely happy to have received this patent, as it very firmly positions them to lead the store-hailing revolution, as opposed to competing in the overly crowded space of delivering items from a store,” said Tom Gebhardt, former Panasonic USA CEO and advisor to Robomart. “As the retail industry continues to evolve, Robomart is exceedingly well-positioned to lead the charge and be the go-to-source for retailers who want to increase ROI through non-brick and mortar transactions or delivery, and for consumers who want the fastest and most convenient way to get goods.”

Robomart’s recently launched Retailer Platform provides a turn-key solution for retailers, allowing them to deploy branded stores on wheels that consumers can hail to their door. Robomart manages nearly every aspect of the operating model, including all product stocking, tagging, scanning, quality control and replenishment. With its proprietary model, Robomart is able to fulfill up to 5.6 orders per hour, including restocking time, helping retailers increase deliveries by up to 500%. Robomart is accepting 2022 reservations from retail partners for any of the six available Robomart Types: Grocery, Snacks, Pharmacy, Cafe, Ice Cream and Fast Food.

About Robomart

Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Robomart, Inc. has created the world’s first store-hailing platform through its fleet of on-demand, automated stores. Robomarts are engineered with cutting-edge technology, giving consumers the fastest possible way to get their groceries. Founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise in delivery, robotics, and retail, the company is venture backed and on a mission is to create the fastest and most convenient way to shop. To learn more about Robomart, visit