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New Era AI Robotic Inc. Is Proudly Presenting Its Latest Smart Service Robots at NRF 2019

New Era AI Robotic Inc. focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic development on four core competencies, including total solution capabilities, in-house development and production, application deployment experience, global operation, design and service. We offer cutting edge integrated service robots with multiple solutions for broad range applications. 

The company invites interested customers to apply for its early access program, and qualified resellers and end-users alike to visit its booth, No. 1210.

The kiosk model, C01-K, is equipped with voice interaction, facial recognition, telepresence and mobile broadcasting. There are peripherals available on C01-K including NFC reader, barcode scanner, 4K camera, MSR reader, thermal printer and smart card reader. The C01-K is designed to provide smart service solutions in hospitals, hotels, retail stores, banks, airports and cinemas.

This Dual Core, Dual operating system AI service robot C01, is similar to C01-K, but with upgraded functions. Apart from voice interaction, facial recognition, telepresence and mobile broadcasting, it is also equipped with autonomous indoor navigation, giving the model extra agility. Peripheral package available is same as that of on C01-K, including NFC reader, barcode scanner, 4K camera, MSR reader, thermal printer and smart card reader. 

This smart delivery robot is equipped with autonomous navigation that is fully capable of handling the most demanding delivery tasks. The M01 delivery robots are fully customizable for different operating environments such as hospitals, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, stores and production facilities. The M01 is able to perform indoor SLAM based on industrial strength LiDAR, without the need for guided magnetic strip or UWB (Ultra-Wideband) in situ installation. M01 is perfect for space constrained areas such as elevators or office corridors and is capable carrying up to 100kg of payload. The M01 comes with a fleet management system that allows customers to monitor every robot and is capable of instant task assignment. It works on public and private cloud while supporting OTA (Over-The-Air) updates. 

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