Crossroad Services partners with Movista for continued innovation to serve the home improvement industry

BENTONVILLE, Ark.July 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Crossroad Services, a division of Continental Sales & Marketing has worked as an independent merchandiser since 1979, excelling at in-store service, resets, and project management to the home improvement industry. Since founding, they have maintained a steadfast commitment to the highest quality service by empowering their employees.

Continental Sales & Marketing and Crossroad Services needed a partner that could flexibly serve their diverse clients, ranging from consistent product service and training to others needing a one-time reset or product placement. Leveraging Movista, Crossroad Services will gain improvements to their photo reporting and data collection. These advancements deliver direct value to their clients, increasing their ability to share information and provide enhanced exception reporting.

Field staff will use the Movista platform every month in stores nationwide to execute resets, installs, store remodels, digital signage, and prepare brand new stores for opening.

“CSI has built a reputation through the years by providing the highest quality service and it starts with our people. Our team is committed to on-time execution by accepting ownership, exceeding customer expectations, and striving for continuous improvement in everything we do and this decision increases our capacity to serve,” said Chris Whisler, Vice President of Retailer Services at CSI.

“We are grateful to have such amazing partners at Crossroad Services. We share their passion for the highest quality service to customers and commitment to deliver exceptional on-time execution across all the locations they serve. The future is very bright and we’re happy to embark on this endeavor together,” said Chief Customer Officer, Eric Wilson at Movista.

About Movista

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