Case Share | Telpo Self-service Kiosks Get Customers To Order More At McDonald's

As the world’s largest fast-food chain, McDonald's has been changing and upgrading. Now, the golden arches are turning towards the self-service kiosk ordering model and Telpo self-service kiosks are honored to be chosen.

Telpo is a smart terminal and solution provider founded in 1999. K20 is a 27-inch self-service kiosk with a built-in printer, abundant payment options, and installation brackets. Telpo K20 offers an intuitive and efficient self-ordering experience by displaying vivid pictures, printing receipts at a speed of 220mm/s, providing multiple modern payment options, etc.

The fast and enjoyable self-ordering experiences make customers at McDonald's can’t help but order more food and visit again. The benefits brought by Telpo self-service kiosks don’t end here.

Faster customer experience. The vast majority of customers who enter fast food restaurants want fast delivery rather than waiting in line. In the lunch rush, kiosks can help cashiers share the pressure of ordering and speed up the ordering process. It avoids the long waiting lines for customers and improves the efficiency of food preparation. Customers can get their food in less time, they are more willing to return.

Straightforward and intuitive ordering. Telpo K20’s large screen makes self-service ordering easier. On the 27-inch screen, customers can see and choose what they want, including ingredients and sauces, through the vivid picture display.

More accurate orders. To some extent, machines are more reliable than real people. Self-service ensures order accuracy. Self-service kiosks can fully and consistently convey customers’ needs to the people who make the food, avoiding the misunderstanding caused by person-to-person communications.

Decrease social pressure. Some customers may be less likely to order food with hard-to-pronounce names when they face cashiers, for they are afraid of being misunderstood or being silly. However, they don’t have this trouble when they use self-service kiosks to order food. Self-service kiosks make the order process less stressful and more pleasurable for introverted customers.

Telpo K20 can deliver more benefits than you expect. The self-service kiosks launched by Telpo are of high quality and most suitable to be used in quick service restaurants.


  • 27'' multi-touch screen brings vivid pictures and advertising display.
  • 80mm thermal printer with auto cutter, fast printing up to 220mm/s.
  • Abundant payment options: NFC card, QRcode and financial-grade face recognition.
  • Simple installation brackets: wall-mount, floor-standing, pole-mounted.

Founded in 1999, Telpo has been on the road to creating a colorful future. In virtue of 23-year professional project experience and strong market recognition, Telpo products have served more than 120+ countries and established strategic cooperation with McDonald's, Burger King, 7-11, Alipay, Baidu, Meituan, Bank of China, and other world-renowned companies. Telpo has the confidence to be your cooperative partner boosting your business. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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