Abacus announces the roll-out of self-service lottery sales in supermarkets

Abacus Solutions International Group announces the roll-out of self-service lottery sales in supermarkets in The Netherlands

Abacus is pleased to announce that through the use of the Abacus Fusion Platform® its Dutch client Nederlandse Loterij (NLO) has further expanded its in-lane sales network in The Netherlands, with the addition of self-service cash registers to its ever growing network of connected systems.

Retail is moving rapidly towards the concept of self service in store, a development that is still unexplored territory for the traditional lottery market. Abacus is proud to announce that its solutions for the sale of lottery tickets for the Dutch Lottery (NLO) has taken a new step into this important retail trend. From now on it is possible to buy tickets through the self-scan cash register, making Albert Heijn the first retailer to offer the sale of lottery tickets through this channel.

How does it work? When entering the supermarket, the consumer chooses a self-scanner or activates the Albert Heijn app on their phone. They can either select a voucher from hanging racks or from the promotional display. On the voucher is a barcode which can be scanned with the hand scanner or the mobile app, which adds the ticket to their digital shopping basket. (The scanning is identical to all other groceries that are purchased.) The consumer goes to the self-scan checkout and after paying for all products, the ticket is automatically printed on the receipt. The voucher can also be added to the basket at the self-service checkout by scanning the barcode just like all other goods. 

NLO and Albert Heijn are also exploring new options and possibilities to offer other games of chance in keeping up with the new way in which the modern consumer wants to shop.

The ABACUS Gateway offers a unique solution by opening up the retail omnichannel experience at the retailer, creating a significant increase in the number of touch points for the sale of lottery games.