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Non-expo hours pass request form

Exhibitors planning an event or meeting at their booth before or after scheduled show hours must complete this form for approval by January 3, 2020. Exhibitors will be notified of the time and location of where passes can be obtained on-site. In addition to a non-Expo hours pass, all guests must be registered for NRF 2020, and must display their badge in order to enter the Expo hall. Important Notes: Someone from your company, with an exhibitor badge, must meet your guests at the designated start time at the entrance to the Hall to escort the group to your booth. If you have any stragglers, a company representative (with a badge) must wait behind at the entrance to escort the late arrivals. If you are bringing more than 20 guests you will need to arrange for security services and provide proof of the security order to Williana Parker (

By submitting this information, the Exhibitor accepts full responsibility for the Guest(s) during non-show hours.