Innovation Lab

Breakthrough tech that breaks expectations

The NRF Innovation Lab showcases the latest applications in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, facial recognition, robotics and more.

This immersive exhibit tracks the latest developments in retail’s transformation and what retail can be now and in the future.

Key themes at the 2023
NRF Innovation Lab

The upcoming Innovation Lab at NRF 2023: Retail's Big Show will showcase three different categories. Each will focus on a particular aspect of the customer journey since the COVID-19 pandemic. Take a closer look at the themes below:

Sourcing and supply chain

Key exhibitors at the Innovation Lab focus on the journey of the product, beginning to end. From the initial sourcing of materials to the eventual shipment of the product to customers. See how the process of production and purchase have changed over time.

Pre-purchase: Awareness, consideration, and engagement

Visit the exhibitors who give insight into the customer's thought process and meeting them where they are while shopping for products as the future of retail progresses.

Post-purchase: Payments, delivery, and returns

Learn more about how merchants are innovating the way we pay for, receive and return or exchange orders through both online and in-person transactions.


Check back this fall for the list of the 2023 participants.

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