Innovation Lab

Breakthrough tech that breaks expectations

The NRF Innovation Lab showcased the latest applications in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, facial recognition, robotics and more.

This immersive exhibit tracked the latest developments in retail’s transformation and what retail can be now and in the future.

How technology is transforming retail in a COVID-19 world

From pandemic to endemic, COVID-19 continues to impact every facet of retail, from customer behavior to retail operations.

The 2023 NRF Innovation Lab showcased new technologies to help retailers meet these new and evolving challenges. 

Attendees discovered how impactful and transformative these technologies would be for the retail industry, and learned more about the latest trends in tech, including: 

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Robotics | Web3 | Metaverse | Circular Economy | Predictive Inventory | Live Stream Shopping | NFTs | Computer Vision | Product Discovery | AR | VR | Blockchain | Virtual Avatars | Digital ID’s | Autonomous Delivery | Last Mile Logistics | Supply Chain Transparency | Internet of Things

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