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ciValue Systems

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Data Monetization for CPG Retail

CiValue is a self-serve platform for CPG retailers and their suppliers, for deep actionable customer insight and hyper-personalized marketing, that can significantly grow customers' share of wallet and increase supplier funding for marketing. 


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Cymbio is the technological bridge that allows brands and suppliers to manage wholesale and direct to consumer operations from a single platform, fully automating processes such as product information sharing from brands to retailers, multi-warehouse routing, ship-from-store enablement, cross channel inventory management, automated drop ship and more. Brands can seamlessly interact with their retail partners in real-time, creating new sales opportunities from existing inventory while also maximizing their own D2C businesses with optimized fulfillment.

Israel Export Institute

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Come and meet some of the hottest tech Israeli startups

The Israel Export Institute is your premier gateway for doing business with Israeli companies. Established and funded by the government and the private sector, IEICI’s expertise in technology and product scouting, joint ventures and strategic alliances with Israeli companies spans more than half a century. Whatever your field is, IEICI offers access to relevant businesses and government resources. IEICI will provide the information you need to connect, negotiate and do business all over the world.


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In a world where size (of shipped items) matters, Ladingo is opening the door to the international B2C e-commerce of large courier items.

MySize Inc.

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Measure everything with your smartphone. Meet us & hear how!

MySize, Inc. Nasdaq (MYSZ) TASE (MYSZ) is the creator of smartphone measurement technologies with applications in apparel, e-commerce, DIY, and the parcel industry.

By using Smartphone sensors (NOT THE CAMERA), you can now measure your home, send packages with precise measurements, and enjoy accurate online size shopping the right way- with confidence and without the guesswork. 

Mystore - E

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Keep the store on track with retailer’s AI-based right-hand

Mystore-E, which is bringing intelligence to physical stores, launched an  AI-based right-hand assistant named Tore-E, who delivers wisdom to individual stores automatically and in real-time, allowing retailers to maximize the value of every product in-store, improving

Syte Visual Conception

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Syte powers a comprehensive suite of visual AI solutions for retail including visual search, intelligent product recommendations and more to improve customer experience and engagement. In industry benchmarks, Syte’s technology has been proven to be 90% accurate in image-to-image search leading them to be selected as a Gartner Cool Vendor in Retail AI, a strategic Microsoft Co-Sell partner, and as an innovative strategy partner by SAP Hybris.