Consumer Product Showcase Submission Form

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Participation includes turnkey booth, promotion on NRF event website  and access to participating retailers if you are selected.  

Also includes: one complimentary full conference pass and one complimentary Expo only pass to Retail’s Big Show. Travel stipends are not available.

Participation fee: $1,000. If accepted, 100% will be due with contract.

Our goal is to find breakout products from new companies, half of which will be minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned and LGBTQ+-owned

To ensure alignment with the likely attendees, priority will be given to the following categories:
  • Food and beverage
  • Fashion / Apparel
  • Beauty
  • Home, Kitchen and Pet Supplies
  • Baby Care
  • Cleaning and office supplies
  • Other * - NRF is very open to other exciting, innovative products

Key Contact Information:
Where did you hear about the Showcase?
Founder/CEO (if different from above):
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Business Type (Select all that apply)
Please select the category or categories that applies to your product:

Please note, NRF will not include products from categories in the following list that are widely considered dangerous, illegal, cruel to animals, obscene, racist, sexist, or impose other liabilities on merchants or NRF.

Participants of the Consumer Product Showcase must confirm that their products do not fall into any of the prohibited product categories below:

  • Crib bumpers, Drop side cribs, incline sleepers, or car seats
  • Animal Products (fur from the killing of animals or cruel practice – mink, bearskin, angora, mohair); live animals; ivory/rhino or any endangered species 
  • Critical Use Products – seek to save lives (CPR kits, emergency auto telephone dialer, etc.)
  • Invasive/Non-Invasive Self Treatment & Self Diagnostic Products
  • Breath Testing Devices and Breathalyzers
  • Alcohol, tobacco and drug related products will only be approved if sold in legal markets
  • Supplements, folk medicines and snake oil remedies
  • Cosmetics using animal testing
  • Violent, obscene and pornographic materials
  • Weapons and weapon-related products 
  • Profanity and banned words
  • Promotion of hatred, racism or intolerance including stereotypes on gender, nationality, race, religion or sexual orientation 
  • Costumes that refer to specific cultures 
  • Flags/Maps shown in destructive manner or manipulated
  • Nudity or sexual inuendo / sexualization of children (sexual aids and sexual wellness are eligible)
  • Gambling and wagering games/devices
  • Covert surveillance equipment (including surveillance drones)
  • High-risk recreation equipment 
  • Fuel additives, gas mileage enhancers or other global hazmat related products
  • Currency with the exception of gift cards, collectible coins, or tickets
  • Unauthorized copies or reproductions of artwork that violate any copyright or trademarkrug related products will only be approved if sold in legal markets
Company Profile:
Is the company 51% owned by one or more of these groups (check all that apply):
Does the company employ 100 or fewer workers?
Product/Background Information:
Are there any retailers currently selling your products?
Were you nominated by a sponsor to participate?