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Unitech PA730V Fuses Network Reliability with Superior Data Collection

Smartly designed rugged mobile device features the Highest Resolution Rear Camera in the industry at 16 MP, an upgraded Android 6.0 Operating System, and a 5-Inch HD Gorilla Glass ® Display to power you through your work day.

Unitech unveils the PA730V, designed to perform work tasks more efficiently than ever. A helpful suite of offerings accompany this tough work mate like its 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera for crisp, clear images, a powerfully fast Android 6.0 OS for efficient application running, and a spacious 5-inch screen display for superior readability. The new PA730V offers all the bells and whistles at the competitive prices Unitech is known for.

“If you’re looking for a device that works hard and plays hard, look no further than the PA730V,” said Brian Silence, Director of Business Development, Unitech America, “it’s like the Mercedes-Benz of enterprise mobility with a fast 64-bit Octa-Core processor, an outstanding 16 MP camera, 6-foot drop rating, IP67 and IP65 sealing, and a one year warranty. And now with the added Verizon certification, your data and work is running on a recognized and trusted network.”

Crystal Clear Photo Documentation
A work day can rush by fast. Ensure accurate documentation of delivery receipts, equipment or inventory damage, or capture video proof with the PA730V’s 16 MP autofocus rear camera. Unitech offers the highest megapixel camera on an enterprise mobile computer in the market today. The autofocus camera automatically adjusts for the ideal shot or allows you freedom to adust it yourself. A 5 MP front facing camera is a convenient way to take photos or record video if you need to be in frame or don’t want to be excluded from the action.

Optimize with the Android 6.0 Operating System
Enjoy improved application management and faster connection speeds with the Android 6.0 operating system. Android 6.0 repairs many bug issues experienced by previous versions and features enhanced security detail such as two factor authentication.
Don’t let an old OS slow your operations down. Run efficient apps that streamline your business on the trusted Android platform. Android 6.0 offers clearer screen images, lightning fast device operations, and speedy updates.

View Easily with the 5-Inch HD Display
Bright light, low light, moisture, or sediments can really rain on your device’s parade. But with the Unitech PA730V’s 1080 x 1920p high definition display, you can read and view information on your screen better than ever. A roomy 5-inch screen gives you plenty of space to work with while the capacitive touchscreen reacts instantly to your touch. A Corning ® Gorilla Glass 3 screen arms the PA730V with a clear layer of protection and a tough exterior.

The PA730V’s Complete Hardware Package
Along with the highlighted features above, the PA730V includes a host of other attributes, making it more than just a smartphone.
• 2D Imager: Integrated easy-to-scan dual side buttons make reading 1D and 2D barcodes a snap.
• Octa-Core Processor: An intelligently-built 64-bit Qualcomm ® Octa-Core processor resides in the body of the PA730V to make sure your processes run as smooth as silk.
• IP67 & IP65 Environmental Seal: Fully protecting your device from the elements with an IP67 and IP65 environmental seal is like car insurance for your device - you hope you never need it, but you’re glad it’s there. Coffee spills, water droplets, and pesky dirt and dust are denied access to your hardware’s insides.
• Drop Rated: Accidents can happen, especially when it involves mobile equipment. The PA730V has a 6-foot drop rating against bumps and falls. This rugged device can handle whatever you throw at it, even if you actually throw it.
• Multiple Ways to Connect: The PA730V won’t leave you stranded. With built-in LTE dual antennas, dual WLAN bands, full LTE WWAN bands, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, the PA730V offers up many ways to connect.

Mobolink Device Management Software
The PA730V runs even smoother when pairing it with MoboLink, Unitech’s proprietary mobile device management software. Lock multiple Unitech devices, monitor battery levels, device health, and add or remove apps from a central host computer. And for a limited time in 2018, you can download the software for free with any purchase of the Unitech PA730 or PA730V mobile computer. Select Unitech devices also apply for this offer. Contact your Unitech sales manager or distributor for further details.

U.S. Pricing & Availability
The PA730V is available now and priced at $1,619 MSRP. Please contact a Unitech representative for full details.

About Unitech
With over 30 years of automatic data capture experience, Unitech America provides a diverse selection of enterprise devices to suit every need and budget. We offer unmatched US-based service and support along with comprehensive warranties.

Media Contact:
Jackqueline Lou
Unitech America, Inc.
(714) 861-8648

The Unitech PA726 on Android 7.1 is the Best Around

The PA726: Meet Your New Work Best Friend

Cypress, California - April 17, 2018 - Take your work everywhere. The incredibly portable Unitech PA726 mobile computer was made to tackle heavy workloads and tough environments with ease.

This innovative handheld proves itself invaluable, doing much of your on-the-go legwork for you. Engineered with a durable outer case and materials, the PA726 survives drops to concrete and other hard surfaces, And after it takes a beating, it is guaranteed to work after a 5-foot fall, or up to 6-feet with optional bumpers.

A roadrunner fast 64-bit Octa-Core processor means your apps and data operate quickly, so you can keep moving and working. Built on the reliable Android 7 operating system, your data collection and work applications are secure on the eye-catching and user-friendly platform.

A fully integrated 1D/2D scanner reads barcodes with dual scanning buttons while edging out the competition with the highest resolution camera in the industry at 16 megapixels. Images are captured in crisp, vibrant clarity while 32 GB flash memory gives you plenty of storage.

“This is one of our most versatile devices because of its speed, form factor, and app management efficiency” says Scott Chung, president of Unitech America, adding “data collection is faster and you will notice a big difference in apps running faster on the Android 7 platform.”

The PA726 is ideal for retail, warehousing, and logistics and transportation applications and is well suited for department store and package delivery scanning.

Pricing & Availability
The PA726 is available now and priced at $ 1,690 MSRP. Please contact a Unitech sales rep for full details.

About Unitech
With over 30 years of automatic data capture experience, Unitech America provides a diverse selection of enterprise devices to suit every need and budget. We offer unmatched US-based service and support along with comprehensive warranties.

Press Contact:
Jackqueline Lou
Unitech America, Inc.

The Unitech TB85 with Android 8 Offers Something to Build On

Sleek consumer-grade looks with enterprise-worthy features. The Unitech TB85 presents a customizable device featuring the Android 8.0 OS, 14-pin pogo connections, and roomy 8-inch fully capacitive touch screen.

Do business your way with the multifunctional and highly configurable TB85 tablet by Unitech. Backed by the power of Android 8 OS, you can do more than ever before with a host of useful features to get your business on the fast track to productivity.

The TB85 combines a slim, handsome design with rugged mobility. “The TB85 is powerfully fast; it looks and feels like the latest Samsung or Apple tablet but it’s so much more,” Brian Silence, Director of Business Development, Unitech America exclaims, “It’s on the most up-to-date OS out there. I really love the modular design, you can attach different modules to suit your work requirements, like an RFID reader or scanner.”

Android 8.0 OS + GMS
The latest Android operating system can mean faster customer transactions and increased productivity. With Android 8 you will enjoy a faster, more interactive experience with bug fixes and improved functionality.
Keep up-to-date with the latest apps for your device. With Google Mobile Services (GMS), you can download helpful apps directly from the Play Store making your ability to optimize at work endless.

Modular Pogo Connectors
Run your business on your terms with the TB85’s modular connectors. The TB85 is a truly modifiable tool. With 14 pogo pins to change device modules, you can customize the device to create something built ideally for your business. This device adapts to basically any need; add a 1D or 2D scanner for warehouse inventory or a magnetic stripe reader for retail purchases.
Save money by investing in one device that can perform multiple tasks. The pogo pins make modifications simple, add attachments easily and take them off easily, too.

8-Inch Full Capacitive HD Display
Rugged screens built for work tend to get a bad wrap for aesthetics. Most are thick and practical looking, otherwise known as boring.
Not the TB85. A bright, luminous 8-inch screen supported by a slim body creates an elegant display. But it’s not just looks. The TB85 is made for wear. It can handle drops of up to 4 feet onto hard surfaces like concrete and marble. Additionally, the GFF screen (glass film + film) allows for clearer viewing, even in bright sunlight, and sturdy Gorilla Glass 3 protects it from scratches and bumps.

Packed With Features & Services
Create a device that aligns perfectly with the heart of your company. Along with the features above, the TB85 is ready for work and play.
• Rugged Protection: This tough customer offers protection from the elements like dust, dirt, and full water immersion with its IP67 rating and drop protection against falls to hard surfaces up to 4 feet.
• Octa-Core Processor: Your work tasks and transactions are now speedier with the speedy Qualcomm Octa-Core processor. Get more done with the CPU that’s built to handle multiple programs at once.
• Durable Battery: The TB85’s long-lasting 8200 mAh battery allows you to change and charge. The high-grade battery life survives hard climates and keeps going and going.
• Plenty of Memory: With 4 GB RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, you won’t have to worry about running out of storage or deleting applications.
• Warranty: A one year warranty guarantees your device is protected against damage. Our service and repair is among the best in the industry and our US-based support team is available to help via phone, chat, or email.

U.S. Pricing & Availability
The TB85 is available now and starts at $1,200 MSRP. Please contact your sales manager for full details.

About Unitech
With over 30 years of automatic data capture experience, Unitech America provides a diverse selection of barcode scanners, mobile computers, and RFID tech to suit every need and budget. We offer unmatched US-based service and support along with comprehensive warranties.

Media Contact:
Jackqueline Lou
Unitech America, Inc.
(714) 861-8648

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