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Data Monetization for CPG Retail

CiValue is a self-serve platform for CPG retailers and their suppliers, for deep actionable customer insight and hyper-personalized marketing, that can significantly grow customers' share of wallet and increase supplier funding for marketing. 

  • Advanced, action driven customer and category intelligence leading to same-store revenue uplift of 1% - 3%  
  • Deep, scalable personalization leading to revenue uplift of 2%-4% through reduction in churn and increase in visit frequency
  • Online marketing collaboration with suppliers for improved brand management & increased supplier funding for promotions
  • Fast time to value SaaS product that is deployed within 6-8 weeks, with segmented and personalized offers created within hours
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Relationship Marketing

Win customer engagement and share of wallet with personalization at scale across all channels, specifically designed for FMCG Retailers.
Product detail: 
  • Understand customers’ category and brand preferences and affinities to improve offer mix and targeting
  • Analyze customer behavior, create segment based marketing strategies, and generate segments for targeting based on thousands of statistical  attributes
  • Create and manage highly personalized, AI-powered campaigns for millions of customers across all channels on an on-going basis. 
  • Provide convenient reminders and recommendations to customers based on deep personalization, including smart shopping lists, “customers also bought” and substitutes.
  • Digitize and personalize the weekly circular for each customer, leverage your mass promotions for personalization 

Category Intelligence

Powerful customer-based decision support for category managers and marketers. Leverages customer data and ciValue's data science automation to optimize assortments, promotions, and segmentation, and understanding customer habits and product preferences.
Product detail: 
  • Understand Category and Brand performance. Uncover the key drivers affecting category revenue and growth. 
  • Understand customer & segment preferences and affinities in each category and brand.
  • Analyze customer behavior and build segments based on thousands of statistical  attributes across stores, categories and brands . 
  • Digitize and personalize the weekly circular for each customer, leverage your mass promotions for personalization 

CPG Collaboration and Monetization

Monetize your data and media assets directly with suppliers, through a subscription portal to enhance brand collaboration and win a greater share of brands' marketing and trade budgets.
Product detail: 
  • Share access to customer behavior insights with brands, in their key categories, and enable them to create and target deep customer segments.
  • Enable personalized marketing by brands, over your media channels. Brands can propose and target offers with precision, tracking performance and ROI.            
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