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Reduce your cash losses by up to 90%!

Is cash-handling and mismanagement a major concern for your customers? With over $1.67 trillion cash in circulation, convenience stores cannot afford to ignore cash handling solutions. APG's SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution is a revolutionary technology that creates new revenue streams by reducing cash losses, improving operational efficiency, re-deploying labor hours and enhancing opportunities for retailers to automate cash transactions. Demo our SMARTtill® Solution at NRF, booth 2451!

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SMARTtill® Cash Management Solution

A new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improve in-store productivity. It's an innovative cash management system suitable wherever cash is transacted.
Product detail: 

Business Types: Retail, Convenience Stores, Grocery, Quick-Serve, Fast Casual Restaurants 

Four Key Areas of Impact:


  • Eradicate manual cash till counts and redice cash loss investigation time
  • redeploy labor for an improved shopping expierence 

Loss Prevention: 

  • Full cash trasaction audit trail
  • Ability to integrate CCTV to pinpoint discerpancies 
  • Reduce cash losses by up to 90%

Data Analytics:

  • Security alerts on cash trasaction errors, lifts, top ups, and CIT pick ups
  • Real time till value at the POS
  • Predictive analytics; cashier, lane and store preformance data to drive business decisions


  • Reduce cash in transit (CIT) fees
  • Reinvest your "dead" cash

Available In: U.S., Canada, Europe

Stratis™ Integration System

The Stratis™ Integration System includes a tablet holder and cash drawer which can integrate easily into a retailer’s cloud-based
Product detail: 

Product Benefits:

— Converts from a thin POS station to a mobile solution
— Modernizes the point of sale for tech-savvy customers
— Conceals the peripheral power and network cables
— Release the tablet to go from a thin client to a mobile environment in seconds

E3900 Cash Cassette Series

This accommodates various configurations including 4/6 notes and 8 coins for the EURO with additional 2 notes underneath or even 11 notes or 16 notes to accommodate the vast majority of worldwide currencies.
Product detail: 

Product Benefits:

— Excellent performance for low cost of ownership
— Delivers quality and ease of use for clerks
— Fits legacy base plates for easy POS adoption
— Removable cassettes to facilitate cash handling

Entry Level Cash Drawers

APG’s Entry Level Cash Drawers, ECD, are a range of cost effective, highly functional cash drawers that offer excellent value for money.
Product detail: 

Product Benefits:

— Cost effective and durable for value
— Tested to last beyond 500,000 operations
— Designed to fit majority of European checkouts
— Offers adjustable and removable note dividers to maximize the insert capacity

E3600 Flip-Top

This heavy duty narrow depth cash drawer provides easy access to the coin and vertical bill storage whether the clerk is seated or standing at the point of sale.
Product detail: 

Product Benefits:

— Simplify ease of use for experienced and inexperienced clerks
— Low cost of ownership and maintenance to retailers
— Provide speedy transactions at checkout during high volume times
— Durable and tested to last beyond two million transaction cycles
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SMARTtill by APG Cash Drawer
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