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Visual SKUs offers businesses software and services to power their product images.

Digital Asset and Image Production Management SOFTWARE

Amplify, Visual SKUs unique DAM software, allows businesses to produce, manage, and distribute their product images with speed, agility, and accuracy.

Produce: Increase production and quality, lower costs, and provide stakeholder visibility with online project management, image editing and QA, and product photography workflows.

Manage: Efficiently manage, organize, search, and share digital assets, metadata, and delivery profiles, in a single centralized system.

Distribute: Automate the process of sending product images and metadata, in the fexact ormat and delivery method your internal systems and customers require.

Still and 360 Product Photography SERVICES

Visual SKUs’ product photography and image production services, offered in-studio at their Taylor, Michigan studio or onsite at customer’s DC, has produced millions of product images from thousands of categories.

Customers include FRAM, Dana, Bosch, Federal Mogul, IMC, Tenneco, and Continental.
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Amplify - Digital Asset Management Software

Amplify DAM software allows businesses to produce, manage, and distribute product images.

Increase production and quality with online management, editing, and QA.

Manage, search, and share digital assets.

Automate sending and formatting images and metadata.
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Increase Sales and Reduce Returns with Digital Asset Management Software for Your Product Images

Amplify is the only DAM software made exclusively to help you produce, manage and distribute your product images.

Amplify is used by some of the world’s leading businesses including Philips, Tenneco, Dana, Delphi, Hafele, Continental, and FRAM.

Over 50% of people believe that product images are more important than product descriptions when it comes to deciding whether to buy

This means that low quality, missing or outdated product images lose your company sales every day

  • Product photography workflows are complex and time-consuming lowering production rates and producing low quality, inconsistent images.
  • Managing and sharing product images and other digital assets without a single, centralized system is inefficient and costly.
  • Distributing product images to resellers, websites, and ecommerce marketplaces is manual and error-prone.

Your Product Images Everywhere You Need Them with Amplify’s Digital Asset Management Software

Produce top-quality product images, 300% faster

With Amplify’s photography workflow software, you will produce consistent, high-quality images 300% faster. Photography and image editing workflows eliminate repetitive and error-prone tasks.

Product images flow through multiple quality control steps using Amplify’s online management software ensuring standards for consistency and quality are met before images are sent to your marketplaces.

Efficiently collaborate and share your photography projects with others

Amplify’s online image management software provides your stakeholders visibility, insight, and control into all aspect of your image production projects.

With Amplify’s online project portal, your users can setup up and manage complex product photography projects from start to finish including photography workflows, project management, image editing and quality control.

Easy, Centralized Access to All Your Digital Assets 24/7

Amplify centralizes your digital assets eliminating cost, inconvenience, and confusion caused by multiple storage locations reducing image management costs.

Create and organize digital asset libraries according to your business needs. Powerful search, metadata management, reporting, and sharing functionality makes digital asset management simple and effective.

Reduce time-to-market for your product images by 80%

Amplify automates the complex task of formatting, renaming, and sending product images to resellers reducing time-to-market 80% and generating sales faster.

Amplify’s digital asset management solves one of the biggest problems businesses have – distributing product images and related data to all resellers that need them, when they need them, and formatted the way they need them.

Amplify Distributes Your Product Images into Your Sales Channels 200% Faster

“Amplify image management software is absolutely first class. After just over a year, we can honestly say that we cannot do without it. It helped wrap much-needed structure around our photography and image creation process. Our images now flow efficiently from production, to our website and catalog system, to our sales partners. The time saved and the impact on our business has been incredible.”

Perry Friedman, Director, Cataloging / Digital Content, Interamerican Motor Corporation

“Amplify has been a great tool for Resource/Ammirati. There is no way I could have accomplished what I did over the past several years without it. Amplify digital asset management software has made me extremely productive and it has allowed us to provide excellent service to our client. We believe that we can use Amplify to provide even more services to current and future clients.”

Kate Ersly, Senior Manager, Omni-Channel, Resource/Ammirati

Amplify’s Digital Asset and Image Management software customers increase sales and lower costs.  

Product Photography Services

Visual SKUs provides high-volume 360/3D and still product photography and image editing services in Visual SKUs Michigan-based studio or onsite at your business.

Our customers include Bosch, InContext, Amazon, eBay, Philips, Continental, Tenneco, and Dana.
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Focus on Growing Your Business - Outsource Your Product Photography to Visual SKUs

After 15 years and more than a million images, we have high-volume product photography services down. Leave it to Visual SKUs.

We work with business like Bosch, InContext, Amazon, eBay, Philips, Continental, Tenneco, and Dana providing high-volume still and 360/3D product photography and image editing services.

Ecommerce Product Photography - Showoff Your Product’s Best Features

High quality product images are critical to successful ecommerce.

Our photography workflows can capture high-resolution images of your products from all sides – top, bottom, left, right, front, back - and from specific angles showing key product features.

You have access to our online project portal to monitor your project from start to finish. Going through the image review process on the portal you can ensure that your images are consistent and meet your quality standards. We offer an image quality guarantee to all our clients.

Get your high-quality product images working for your business, fast!

360/3D Product Photography - Grab Your Customer’s Attention

360 degree/3D product images are the new powerful e-commerce marketing tool for both B2B and B2C ecommerce. Let your customers interact and experience your product from all angles.

They show your products from all angles, are engaging and interactive, and allow your consumers to make sure they are buying the best product for their needs.

We produce 360/3D images that meet the standards of your internal systems and your resellers and marketplaces.

We have all the equipment and software required to take 360 and 3D images of your products regardless of size, weight, and product characteristics.

Add 360/3D images to your digital asset mix and stand out from your competition while increasing sales and decreasing product returns.

Product Image Editing - Make Your Products Look Amazing

Stunning product photos are the most important piece of content on your ecommerce website.

Photography plays a critical role in high-quality image production but the image editing really brings your images to life.

Images with white backgrounds, no shadows, and realistic tones make your products stand out from the competition.

We are experts in making your products look great, so they catch the consumer’s eye, and convince them to buy.

All images are edited to your quality standards and available on our online portal for your review. We guarantee the highest image quality.

Make your product images a powerful sales tool driving your ecommerce success.

Guaranteed Quality Product Images Fast by Outsourcing Your Product Photography to Visual SKUs

There’s no doubt about it - in today’s digital world, low quality product photos cost you sales. If you want stunning product photos and you want them fast, then contact us today.

Over the past 15 years, Visual SKUs has built photography and management software-based workflows that streamline the process of producing high-quality product images at rates 300% faster than most in-house and outsourced studios.

Visual SKUs will meet all your deadlines and guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your images.

Visual SKUs has Produced over a Million Product Images for Hundreds of Happy Customers

“We knew after the first project that Visual SKUs was a good fit. Their quality was excellent, their processes and management software meant deadlines would not be missed, and they offered services for shopping and file formatting. Visual SKUs has completed over 100 projects for us. They have never missed a deadline and always exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Visual SKUs’ product photography services.”

Ryan Werch, Vice President, Operations, InContext Solutions

“I have always believed that product images help our customers purchase the right product. In the first year of making images available to our stores, the impact on our bottom line was better than I expected – returns were down over 8%, which is significant. In addition to the cost savings, supplying customers with the right products the first time leads to increased customer satisfaction and retention levels. We have used Visual SKUs’ product photography services for many years and couldn’t be happier.”

Gail Volpe, Director of Parts Information, Autopart International

Choose Visual SKUs Professional Product Photography Services and Get Amazing Product Images Fast

360 Product Photography Equipment

Bring Your Products to Life with Ortery’s 360 & 3D Product Photography Solutions.

Visual SKUs is an authorized reseller of Ortery’s patented 360 product photography turntables and studios and automated 3D photography solutions.
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Bring Your Products to Life with Ortery’s 360 & 3D Product Photography Solutions

Visual SKUs is an authorized reseller of Ortery’s patented 360 photography equipment and automated 3D photography solutions.

Ortery is the world-wide leader at 360/3D photography solutions. Businesses of all sizes use Ortery’s innovative 360/3D studios to produce high-quality single or multi-plane 360 images of their products on white backgrounds.

360/3D product images produced on Ortery solutions allow businesses to stand out from their competitors, increase sales, and return returns.

PhotoCapture 360

Efficient, Simple, & Fast 360 Photography Turntables

Ortery’s all-in-one PhotoCapture 360 photography turntables allow you to capture consistent, high-quality 360 product images. All photography turntable solutions come with Ortery’s software for automating the 360 image capture process.

You define the specifics of your 360 images in Ortery’s software, like the number of images per spin, the number of planes required, and the speed of the 360 photography equipment turntable. You can also control some of your camera settings from the software like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Settings in the software can be saved from one 360 product image to the next.

Once your 360 image is captured and the image frames are edited, Ortery’s software stiches the images together to create a 360 product image that plays in HTML5, Flash, and GIF formats.

Ortery offers several 360 photography turntables for products of varying sizes and weights.

The features of the PhotoCapture turntable solutions include:

  • East to learn and use.
  • Fast, consistent results.
  • Smooth, precise rotation.
  • Full camera control with real-time preview.
  • Save and re-use settings.
  • Compatible with most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras.

Photobench and Photosimile Series

Computer-controlled 360 Product Photography Light Boxes

The PhotoBench and Photosimile 360 photography equipment are Ortery’s light box series. They use dimmable LED light controls and transparent photography platforms to produce 360 images, still images, and video with a 100% white background.

It is quick and easy to create: product images in RAW, JPG, TIFF, and PNG formats; 360 product views in HTML5, Flash and GIF formats; and 360 video in MP4 and MOV formats.

The features of the PhotoBench light box solutions include:

  • Dimmable High CRI LED lighting.
  • Transparent 360 degree photography turntables.
  • Integrated hardware and software solution.
  • Create images on 100% white and transparent backgrounds.
  • Save camera, lighting, and image sequence settings for re-use.
  • Compatible with Nikon and Canon DSLRs.
  • Capture between 4 and 360 images per rotation.
  • Free technical support.

The features of the Photosimile light box solutions include:

  • East to learn and use.
  • Built-in backlight panel.
  • Self-contained studio for large object photography.
  • Dimmable LED lighting.
  • Patented symmetrical lighting.
  • Software for controlling studio lighting, camera settings, picture taking, and turntable movement.
  • Creates PNG images with transparent background.

3D MultiArms

Fully-automated 3D Product Photography Solutions

Ortery offers a wide range of 3D photography equipment for efficiently creating 3D product images. To ensure the fastest workflow possible, integrated software automates image capture from up to ten Canon cameras simultaneously.

3D images created using Ortery’s MultiArms are either hemispherical and spherical images.

Hemispherical 3D product images are comprised of 360 image sets on multiple planes of one side of the product. For example, let’s say you want a 5-plane hemispherical 3D image of your product. You will place your product on the 360 product photography turntable and while the product rotates, five cameras at different degrees over the product fire simultaneously. This creates a 3D product image that can rotated on all five planes in the 360 view software.

Spherical 3D images are like hemispherical 3D images except that you capture 360 image sets on multiple planes on both sides of your product. After the 360 planes of the one side of the product are completed, the product will be flipped and positioned, and multiple planes of the second side of the product will be captured. This creates a 3D product image that can rotated on all ten planes in the 360 view software (five on the one side of the product and five on the other).

The features of the 3D Product Photography solutions include:

  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Uses Canon cameras.
  • Use all cameras or any one exclusively.
  • Hoist platform for shooting taller objects.
  • Free technical support.
  • One-year warranty.

Make Your Products Stand Out From The Competition With Ortery 360/3D Equipment

“The combination of Ortery’s 3D PhotoBench and MultiArm is an innovative solution that satisfied our needs completely. Their 360 photography equipment and software user interface are intuitive, and they produce excellent image quality.”

Sukhneet Mavi, Manager Catalog, Research, and Product Management, Mevotech LP

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