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At Sensus Labs we build products to enable retailers to capture insights about shoppers intent, in-stores. Our solution leverages your existing digital infrastructure like cameras to provide centimeter level location analytics about shoppers needs, dwell and your store's responsiveness to them. We capture your in-store shopper and employee activity, link it to PoS data and give you accurate metrics on shopper's intents, conversion and interaction with your assets so you don't have to over rely on predictive reports.

We don't ask you to deploy any infrastructure unlike most other providers, as we have built a patent pending technology based on a unique Machine Learning model trained on advanced sensor technology. This gives you a high RoI solution and us the ability to scale rapidly. 700 stores have trusted us to give them such insights, we are in the scaling our solution to benefit all of them.

Think of this as an online core for your offline retail business. Imagine applications like physical world recommendation and disccount engine that responds to your shopper's changing needs, this benefits your shoppers and earns you their loyalty.

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