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Physical retail is evolving. Today’s digital consumers require immediacy, personalisation and customisation as standard in both their shopping and buying experience.

Using Augmented Reality and Computer Vision technology, Vyu products are designed to incorporate the innovation and flexibility found in e-commerce into the physical retail space. Vyu products empower and inform brands and customers alike.

From real-time customer metrics to holographic store display via product recognition Vyu provides the framework to make physical spaces digital ready.

  • VyuPoint – Real-time human engagement metrics for age, gender and emotion
  • VyuDisplay – AI transforming media display screens to real-time reactive media spaces
  • VyuFinder – Wayfinding and product discovery tools using AR and Computer Vision
  • VyuAR – Standalone Augmented Reality displays for retail storefronts

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Real-time human engagement metrics for age, gender and emotion –
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Know Your Audience

VyuPoint measures human engagement with any place or object 24/7. No clipboards, no research just a small device with big knowledge.

VyuPoint is built with next-generation computer vision technology to provide incredible levels of information about your customer and their journey in a simple palm-sized device and app.

VyuPoint offers you a chance to adapt your retail product, storefront display, visual showcase, or other offering based on quality validated feedback. It's time to learn more about what your customers really think about your retail experience.


A measured approach

VyuPoint measures people traffic, demographic, dwell time and their emotional engagement with your space.

VyuPoint's unique and continuous levels of anonymous data gathering offer a unique opportunity to dissect what works and what doesn't in your store.

Are customers upset, content, happy, or thrilled? Do you have a huge influx of a certain age group at a certain time of day so should adapt your offer? What happens at 4pm that suddenly sees a drop in mood in store and harms sales?

VyuPoint gives you the power you need to make decisions on improving customer positivity and driving sales.


Flexible to fit anywhere

VyuPoint fits in the palm of your hand.

The VyuPoint device takes up practically no space in your store, window or popup display.

Weighing less than a kilo, VyuPoint is designed to easily fix to any wall, frame or shop window display for instant usage using its magnetic latch system.

Want to measure an alternative location? Unplug, refix, and you're ready to measure in minutes.


Information on the move

Each VyuPoint device delivers data in real-time to both an iOS app and a web interface to keep you connected to your product 24/7.

The VyuPoint app automatically receives your data, segmented by device location and delivers it to you in a simple to understand format while you’re on the move or in the office. Reporting is segmented to allow you to review and share past data.

VyuPoint’s optional web interface allows multiple user access for your team.

VyuPoint’s data can be downloaded by users for future reference - marketing meetings, sales stand-ups, and more!


AI transforming media display screens to real-time reactive media spaces –
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Digital data, physical presence

VyuDisplay is revolutionary digital display device for dynamic POS advertising.

Powered by game-changing computer vision technology, VyuDisplay can deliver specific advertising to specific people depending on age, gender, emotional state or even identification of a family group. All in real time on store level nationwide.

With over 56%* of purchasing decisions made at the shelf, VyuDisplay highlights what people need right when they need it and allows brands to pinpoint specific people with specific messages to increase upsells.

VyuDisplay is standardised, adaptable and available in multiple sizes. The device can be mounted on main shelf displays, end-caps or even in standalone format for specific types of POS such as cash desks or window display.


Right time, right place

VyuDisplay delivers media right at point of purchase.

The system can instantly assess the age, gender and state of a shopper and deliver targeted advertising to influence a potential sale right at point of purchase.


VyuDisplay allows brands to focus their content on targets to avoid intuition-based media choices and increase sales in chosen demographics right at the point of purchase. A/B testing live in-store of brands and retailers even more insight into how effective their display advertising is when shown to real customers at point of purchase.


Content on Demand

Our online lives give us diverse content to make informed decisions. Why not in-store?

VyuDisplay is designed to deliver static product shots, pre-existing online or TVC content along with longer format content such as recipe ideas. These can be targeted to specific demographics to generate larger sales from each group of customers visiting your store via a simple CMS system.

VyuDisplay seamlessly arms customers with the media they need to make an informed decision.



Manage your Network

While VyuDisplay sits compactly on any shelf its media management remains online to provide access 24/7 for updates and more.

VyuDisplay’s online interface allows upload of content and targeting all from an simple, easy to access portal customised for you.

  • Fit to any retail display from Grocery to Fashion retail

  • Manage demographic targeting centrally online

  • Upload standard content right from your desktop

  • Access analytics to explore engagement and monitor A/B testing


Wayfinding and product discovery tools using AR and Computer Vision –
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Drive discovery

VyuFinder is a dynamic AR wayfinding and product discovery tool for retail

Built using next-generation augmented reality technology, VyuFinder offers a transformational approach to how customers navigate both stores and products alike.

VyuFinder operates on mobile devices and in-store physical displays. Both form factors offer an opportunity for the customer to navigate to specific products in-store and then simultaneously use product packaging to unlock a huge range of content. From recipe ideas, to complimentary products, via AR configurators, VyuFinder drives informed engagement to help increase sales.


Omnichannel approach

VyuFinder’s product discovery platform is an omni-channel solution designed to maximise engagement - not exclude users that don’t have the right app, operating system or phone.

By offering a on-shelf engagement device alongside of mobile device integration, retailers can be sure that customers are empowered in every store, every time no matter what circumstances.


Real navigation for real needs

For customers schooled in online navigation, ease of access to info is just a click away. Phyiscal retail demands the same approach.


VyuFinder mobile offers instant augmented reality wayfinding that drives the customer right where they need to be.

Using the unique affordances of augmented reality customers are given a store level view of where to head, affording better guidance and offering potential upsell opportunity on the journey.

List and discovery tools embedded inside the mobile application as optional extras allow users to navigate to the products they need as part of their daily shopping routine.


Unlock digital content instantly

VyuFinder’s unique product recognition platform revolutionises how shoppers connect with products. Using logo, product and packaging recognition, customers can simply point their device at the product to unlock a huge range of information.

With a simple scan of product packaging VyuFinder offers users the chance to explore and discover rich streams of media content that will drive engagement and sales. From recipe ideas to complimentary product information via allergy advice and more, each scan of product empowers the customer to make better decisions.


Standalone Augmented Reality displays for retail storefronts –
Product detail: 

Interaction on tap

VyuAR is a standalone AR display system placing immersive, dynamically controlled, 2D and 3D content on top of your retail window display.

VyuAR is designed to seamlessly integrate with physical objects and amplify engagement with products and offers to drive traffic into the store.

Standalone AR, Device Free

VyuAR provides a holographic, three-dimensional layer on retail window displays to increase engagement without the need for downloads or customer action.

The download free nature of the system offers 24/7 engagement of passing traffic - negating the need for application creation and downloads in an age where people are increasingly protective of their mobile space.

Multi-dimensional media

VyuAR offers a unique opportunity to overlay digital content on the physical environment to create a three-dimensional promotional space.

Integration of digital content on physical products adds a unique opportunity to create immersive, real-time data at the touch of a button. VyuAR offers brands the chance to showcase product information outside the store looking in.

Control your network

VyuAR is managed remotely via a content management system that allows updates and adjustment 24/7 nationwide.

VyuAR’s CMS allows adjustment media, demographic targeting sits alongside analytics data to give you an real time insight into usage store by store.

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