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“How do we engage with our customers?”

This is the fundamental question that successful retailers need to ask themselves each and every day. If you don’t yet have an answer to this question or are not satisfied with your answer, stop by to hear how other successful retailers are doing it.

Engaging with your customers is more than sending them an email or text. It is knowing your customers and understanding their preferences. Learn how our integrated suite of solutions can help you better identify, understand and engage with your customers.

Accuvia Software Group is a software company that is passionate about helping retailers engage with their consumers. We are more than just a vendor and through close collaboration, help retailers optimize store operations. At the end of the day, our job is to help you answer the question specifically for your business:

How do you engage with your customers?


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VIA|Store is a feature rich POS platform that provides an advanced set of functions for the general retail environment. VIA|store is installed in thousands of store locations throughout the US and Canada.

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VIA|central office

A cloud-based hub for all store operations, data, and insights. This solution is a comprehensive tool that provides insights from every corner of the retail space in order to help close the gap between data analysis and real-time decision making