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Traffic Counters


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Amoobi: discover your in-store shopper journey

Amoobi is a shopper analytics company specialising in retail. We have developed a unique approach, that allows us to track the full unique path of shoppers across entire stores, with centimetre level precision and high sample rates. 

 This enables us to provide tools to help retailers optimize their store performance: store concept design, merchandising testing, promotions optimisation, category management, staff scheduling, queue management and more.

BEA Inc.

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Accurate, flexible and dependable people counting solutions

As the worldwide leader in sensing technology for automatic doors, BEA recently introduced the LZR-SIGMA, a cloud-based sensor designed for the people counting market. 

Countwise LLC

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CountWise is a pioneer and leader in the Business Intelligence and Retail Analytics market.  We offer most flexible portfolio of data collection systems and business intelligence platforms together with deployment and support options such as secure cloud hosting and SaaS deployments.

i3 International, Inc.

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In close to 30 years, i3 has grown into a global brand and a leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying digital video solutions for today's security industry. We understand the sophisticated needs of corporate security and balance those needs with an end-user's desire for simplicity and ease of use.

IPSOS Retail Performance

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In-store customer behavior experts

Ipsos introduced traffic counting in 1989 and has continued to introduce technology to help retailers improve the in-store customer experience around the world. 

With offices in over 80 countries, including the U.S, Canada and the UK, Ipsos can deliver global customer insights. From traffic counting to understanding the customer journey, we have expert analysts who work with you to analyze data, provide behavioral insights and improve the overall customer experience - ultimately improving brick-and-mortar sales.


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The benefits of people counting are widely known, however with the advanced features of Vector 4D you can go beyond just counting people and optimise the whole customer experience.

Combining employee detection, zone based dwell measuring and unrivalled accuracy levels in excess of 99%, the Vector 4D is the next generation of people counter.

Lavi Industries

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Explore the possibilities of a well-planned queue.

You want to optimize customer flow and capitalize on ROI-boosting opportunities. We’re the partner that helps you achieve both.

Prodco Analytics Inc.

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Full Insights into Shopper Analytics

Prodco Retail Analytics delivers a comprehensive analysis platform that highlights where opportunities for improvement exist and helps your stores reach their real performance potential.

Sensormatic Solutions

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Tyco Retail Solutions, part of Johnson Controls, is a leading provider of analytics-based Loss Prevention, Inventory Intelligence and Traffic Insights for the retail industry. Our solutions deliver real-time visibility and predictive analytics to help retailers maximize business outcomes and enhance the customer experience in a digitally-driven shopping world.

SenSource, Inc.

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Visit SenSource in the Xovis Partner Hub!

SenSource people counting technology and analytics platform provides the data foundation necessary for analyzing the health of retail stores and basing operational decisions. The most accurate stereo vision sensing technology is now layered with AI, training the sensors to become even more accurate over time. SenSource exclusive software features include customer journey analysis, predictive traffic analytics, and prescriptive labor metrics. Retailers of all sizes have trusted SenSource people counting solutions since 2002.

SMS Store Traffic

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Accurate, Reliable and Easy Store Traffic Tracking made easy.

Accurate, Reliable and Easy.

We are a market leader in store traffic with over 700 customers and tens of thousands of locations installed. We have over 40 years of experience in the value of traffic as a mean to increase sales. This expertise and knowledge is built-into and demonstrated by our T.M.A.S. software platform.

Traf-Sys People Counting Systems

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Optimize conversion & staffing with Traf-Sys people counting

From our headquarters and Data Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Traf-Sys Inc. provides people counting systems, software and consulting to some of the largest retail store chains and shopping centers in the U.S.  We help our clients achieve higher traffic, higher conversion, lower staffing costs, and higher ROI on advertising and promotion initiatives.  We offer a full line of sensor and software solutions to accomodate any budget, and have the strongest support in the industry.  Contact us today for a free quote.


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Vemco Group A/S is an innovative software company with more than 12 years of global retail experience within people counting. We partner up with retailers, entertainment venues, airports and public institutions to help them understand deep behavioral insights about their customers. Since 2005 we have used the most reliable and accurate counting devices and collected and analyzed data in our Vemcount platform with the aim of providing our clients with knowledge that can lead to cost savings, greater efficiency and improvement of conversion rate and profitability.


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The innovative counttrack 360 - Retail Analytics Platform provides all necessary features to measure store performance across multiple locations with %99 accuracy.  “Staff exclusion” with no additional device and “Group counting” are latest features. By measuring shopper path from entrance to exit, combined with Wifi Analytics, weather data and POS data, counttrack provides a clear performance overview across all locations. Via-Vis has installed over 2000 devices across Europe, Balkans and the Middle East.


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Your end-to-end retail technology solutions provider.

Retail Technology Experts

Founded in 1930, Wachter is a leading nationwide solutions integrator helping clients transform their business through consulting, managed services, electrical systems, IT networks, industrial automation, and safety and security.

Xovis AG

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Xovis, way more than People Counting

The Xovis PC-Series Sensors and in-store analytics portfolio is the most comprehensive selection of 3D people counters and tracking applications on the market. Our partners in markets such as retail, smart buildings, and smart cities trust in Xovis to collect valuable data like dwell time, fill level and conversion rate, as well as strategic and behavioral insights.