NRF - Chain Retail - FF&E Program Analysis

Fixture Program Review - as we all continue to evolve physical retail - FELBRO is actively implementing and managing projects to push retail forward into a true omnichannel world. We are scheduling sessions based on your calendar to consult and visualize where and how to cost effectively make a profitable impact to the customer journey. 

Our teams together in partnership is the only outlay of expense needed. Contact FELBRO Studios to schedule your session. 

For more on FELBRO: 

FELBRO Studios is a full service designer and direct manufacturer of creative branded in-store merchandising displays, interactive customer experiences, and retail store fixtures. FELBRO designs and manufacturers in the U.S. and China, allowing for flexibility to best serve their clients. FELBRO utilizes all permanent materials, including metal, wood, plastic, and glass; and integrates audio, video, and lighting to activate the customer journey in a purposeful and effective process. 

FELBRO Studios manages program from concept discovery to complete implementation as well as media network managmement and program support. Primarily custom programs used by Consumer Brands to present their product at Retail, also providing programs to Chain Retailers to present category assortments and full store builds.